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The Best Ever Trump Put-Down?

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    It's a truly shocking situation. Donald is point blank refusing to address this, he's there, in the West Wing. He can stop this.

    Stay safe folks. In all the days to come. Stay safe
    Thems the Vagaries.....


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      Originally posted by Svensson View Post
      I guess the kindest thing I can say right now is that these people have been radicalized by 4 years of constant and systematic lies.
      Condemnation for the con man, compassion for the conned - until the latter turn to violence for comfort.
      "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." Peter Ustinov


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        Originally posted by Svensson View Post
        You're sticking your head in the sand.

        "I wanna find 11,000 votes"

        How do you find 11700 votes if all of them have already been counted 3 times with no material difference in the number?

        How about "kick out 50,000 votes from county XYZ"?

        Would this satisfy your statement of " not having asked them to manufacture votes"?

        Either way, he was demanding election fraud.
        Agree.It's clear.Either demand a recount again,see if there is a discrepancy,but not "find it".Also, "And there’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, that you’ve recalculated," - basically asking him to say Georgia has recalculated the votes and have a new result,Trump won.
        But people with no sense of right and wrong won't see it.
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        Clearly the first human laws (way older and already established) spawned organized religion's morality - from which it's writers only copied/stole,ex. you cannot kill,rob,steal (forced,it started civil society).
        M. Pacana


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          At least the Trump era appears to have influenced some interesting errrrrmmm literature.......


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            Originally posted by Ms Diddles View Post

            At least the Trump era appears to have influenced some interesting errrrrmmm literature.......
            That's a bridge too far Ms D.


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              The delivery and timing both perfect and even the mark, Rand Paul couldn't help but laughing.

              Honorable mentions...
              Releasing Lyndsey Graham's phone number at a rally and telling them "To give it a shot".
              "You'd be in Jail" to Clinton during their debate.

              So much great material to work with from the big orange fella....and a great president.

              "A New Hope" was great....."The Swamp Strikes Back" less so....."Return of the Maga" will be the best.

              There is no way that senile old kiddie sniffer won, the world knows it.
              My opinion is all I have to offer here,


              Smilies are canned laughter.


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                well, if he hasn't won, then it should be possible to prove this in a court of law, right?