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    The "McDuff" suspect seems to be someone that Mike Morford has suggested (I assume Ross Sullivan is no longer his #1 suspect). McDuff is also called Mason and MacGruber on the reddit Zodiac board. I have no idea which of these, if any, is his real name!
    The main reasons for McDuff being a suspect appear to be that he lived over the road from one of the phones that the Zodiac used, and that someone two doors down from him received a letter purporting to be from the Zodiac.


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      Originally posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
      I caught the last 2 episodes of the series The Most Dangerous Animal Of All. Looks like another perfect example of someone (Gary Stewart) becoming so obsessed by a theory that he was willing to falsify evidence to prop it up.
      Oof...that final episode.

      For those who havent seen it, the first 3 episodes allow Stewart to lay out all his various theories on why his dad was Zodiac, and then for the final episode, the creators of the series systematically dismantle all of his theories, one by one, sometimes right to his face. It makes for very uncomfortable viewing.

      Main takeaway? Earl Van Best, Jr. was not Zoadiac. But I already felt that way after reading Stewart's book.


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        My POI is Donald Lee "Boo" Bujok.

        What do those familiar with the case think of his viability?
        "When the legend becomes fact... print the legend"
        - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)