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The Schwartz/BS Man situation - My opinion only

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  • Originally posted by Wickerman View Post

    You sound a tad more positive than the last opinion piece you wrote about him.
    Anything changed?
    It was tongue in cheek.


    • Originally posted by Michael W Richards View Post
      If you look at what Israel claims though, there is real reason to doubt the veracity. He claims he was returning from the market, so why is he on Berner Street instead of Brick Lane at 12:45 at night?
      Sorry Michael...When does Schwartz say he was returning from the market? What is it that indicates he should be on Brick Lane? In his statement to the Star reporter he merely says he's been out all day...perhaps he was at work, as befits an LVP man supporting his wife.

      why would his wife need 13 hours to move that? It was far more likely she would be at their new home at that time.
      The reasons for the move and details thereof aren't stated. We don't even know any family or other commitments they may've had...for reasons unknown to us, they may not've been able to move in until somebody else moved out...we simply DON'T know. You can bet your boots though that Abberline DID know all these things though...If you think he didn't ask, then I suggest you're seriously underestimating the man...

      Was he in one of the cottages inside the passageway? Was he a club member or regular? What was the nature of his acquaintance with Woolf Wess? What did he buy or sell that day..if he bought, where was that stuff? Did he attend the meeting that night? Why doesn't he come forward before Sun evening?
      There seems to be no reason for this suggestion of a connection with the club...It appears to be a purely speculative invention for which there is no firm evidence at all.