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  • Could Zodiac have been inspired by the Texarkana murderer, and added his own pseudo-occult overtones?


    • I think Zodiac was equally "inspired" by all serial killers who went down in history under a nickname. I think he also thought the power they had when they held a whole city in a grip of terror was admirable. JtR and killers like the Texarkana phantom may not have set out to create terror; it was just a side effect, but I think it was a primary goal of the Zodiac.

      Anyway, he may have been inspired to wear the hood he wore that one time by the mask the phantom supposedly wore.

      But something to remember: The Town that Dreaded Sundown was probably intentionally made to reference the Zodiac, as it was made when the case was current. Reality may have been less Zodiac-like.

      I'm like most people (who discuss such things regularly), though: the movie was my introduction to the case, and while I have read articles, I don't know much about it, while I know quite a bit about the Zodiac. I'm in the middle of a big project now, but I really should put "Read a whole book just on the Texarkana phantom," on my list of things to do, so I can discuss it more intelligently.

      If you are well-read regarding the Texarkana phantom, and know the movie to be very accurate, then I apologize, but right now, my cursory knowledge seems to suggest a less Zodiac-like killer than the movie suggests.


      • Originally posted by kensei View Post
        When bringing David Berkowitz into the discussion, just to be thorough I think one must also consider whether his claim of not being a lone killer but a member of a cult that carried out the Son of Sam crimes is true. He was caught as a result of the Stacy Moskowitz murder in which an eyewitness insists that Berkowitz couldn't have been the shooter that he saw commit the crime, and Berkowitz himself claims he was only present as a lookout for that shooting. He also does not use the cult claim to try and make himself out to be innocent- he admits to pulling the trigger a certain number of times and says he belongs in prison. There were multiple eyewitness sketches of the Son of Sam, only a couple of which resemble Berkowitz. The others resemble John Carr, who along with his brother Michael have been implicated as being the other Son of Sam shooters. Maybe Berkowitz seems creepy when he does interviews in light of the knowledge of what he's done and because he is a generally eccentric character, but I saw one in which he was being asked specifically about the Carr brothers (whose father's name was Sam, and that is where the name is alleged to come from). Even though both brothers were deceased by then, his fear of them still seemed palpable as he clenched up and would only answer yes to their guilt with his eyes closed.

        I believe Berkowitz's cult claim, whereas the Zodiac was a true loner.
        Looking into the Process Church, I definitely feel there's something there, no matter how conspiratorial that sounds.


        • Fascinating posts here. Did the FBI ever respond regarding
          Dennis Kaufman's Father's belongings ? Seems if he was faking it they would arrest him for at least wasting their time ??


          • Has there been any official estimate on the probability of the Zodiac Killer still being alive today?

            I know that there was an official estimate of the probability of the Golden State Killer still being alive at some point that placed the odds at "85%".