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  • And whilst we are educating the masses...

    A Stipendiary, or District Jugde, is legally trained and sits on their own without a clerk, as the clerk is not required. These are often more savvy than the magistrate and, in my own opinion, pass more appropriate sentencing. However thats just my experience.

    And the Usher does alot more than swearing in witnesses, they are the oil that makes the court run smoothly. Bob does them a disservice.

    Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.


    • Forget the masses lets educate Monty!

      Pulling my leg? Oh how droll. What you did was to give the impression to anyone appearing before the magistrate that their case would be decided not by the Justices of the Peace but by some clerk of the court.

      For someone who making so much fuss about getting the facts straight and banging on how great you are at collecting evidence, you seem to have a very cavalier attitude to the reality of the situation.

      The bit that I objected to was this:

      whilst the magistrate makes the man on the street decisions based on the clerks advice.

      That is unequivocal. You are saying the magistrates make their decision as to guilt ‘based on the clerks’ advice.

      In your “Oh Ha ha I’m just trying to be a funny man” post you write:

      makes decisions based on evidence provided and is guided on legal matters by the clerk should he be required to do so

      Which is entirely different and accurately reflects the situation. If you had stated that in the first place I would have accepted it.

      For someone who scolds us all for not relying on facts you seem to have great difficulty in recognising them.


      • Bob,

        You seem to be bogged down by the weight of your own importance.

        I have a cavalier attitude to pompous arses who think just because they hold the title Magistrate they can talk down to individuals who disagree with them.

        The law deserves better.

        Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.


        • Special message for a worried dad!


          Sorry to hear about your daughter having to go to hospital..

          Hope she feels better soon.

          My warmest wishes to you all,



          • Hi Monty,

            Please give Millie Poppy a squeeze for me. I hope she's doing okay.

            Originally posted by Maria View Post

            A real hate towards me has been generated by two individuals because I refuse to see the " guilt " or " strangeness " of newspaper gossip as " evidence " of the McCann´s supposed guilt and such non-sense...

            ...I´m pleased to see that two of my most aserrid detractors have backed down and now these two claim that they never said the McCann´s were guilty of murdering their daughter. At least that is a start...
            Hi Maria,

            If you mean Bob and me here, you are doing yourself no favours at all. Anyone with basic reading ability can check for themselves that Capps is probably the only poster on this topic who has ever been open to the possibility of the McCanns MURDERING their daughter, and your friend Anna has expressed far more misgivings than I ever have about the parental roles played that night. I merely suspect that someone who didn’t have Madeleine’s best interests at heart took advantage of the fact that she was not with the two people in her life who should have done.

            My only ‘crimes’ concerning this case appear to be questioning or correcting your own gossip and misinformation and disagreeing with your view that because the McCanns are doctors, they should automatically be beyond criticism and held up as model parents. For these offences, you ‘punish’ me by plunging yourself into a vile pool of hate and personal abuse, and come up with ridiculously childish lies that make Mike Barrett’s look sophisticated by comparison.

            I could never hate anyone who does that to themselves. Even if I did want to generate hate towards you I wouldn’t bother trying, since you are your own worst enemy by miles.

            If anyone thought for a second that your word could be trusted you’d be downright dangerous. You accused me of lining my pockets with the diary, for instance, without knowing or caring if my husband could be reading and thinking “Hmmm, we have a joint account, so she must have opened a secret one for all her diary money. I’m off to shoot her and our daughter and then turn the gun on myself ”. And then you accused some poor innocent conference guest of being Bob’s fancy woman and passing herself off as his wife. Whatever you think Bob and I have done to deserve this level of vindictiveness, what has my husband, Bob’s wife or the conference guest ever done to you? What have our children ever done to you? Marriages have ended and murders been committed for less, and you don't have a clue who you could be hurting or whose lives you are messing with. Luckily for the innocent victims of your latest evil garbage, you had already told so many obvious lies by the time you descended into this new pit of vulgarity that nobody with two brain cells to rub together is in danger of taking you seriously.

            Now put your own brain cells to some use and ask yourself this:

            Would the McCanns consider it an asset or a liability to have the support of someone who messes with the truth on the scale that you do?

            It's a serious question.


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            "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." Peter Ustinov


            • Nice one Caz-

              I DOUBT that a serious question will be answered in anything that passes for a serious manner!!!

              Look there's been a lot of toot here on this thread- bitching and back biting from and between people I like- with some /one exception! (PS what's an 'asserid'...I want to be one!)

              I'm not one of those people who 'Quotes' toot from others to make a point!- As you know -and to be honest until the 'Ghastly Mail' or some other worthy source (!) comes up with any more 'facts' -guess we should sit and wait.-

              I hate to say it I've got soooooooo pissed off with all this toot on this thread and the ones that passed for Art -am going to shut up I reckon- [First time for everything!] Really stressed here with [off board non new kitchen fitting unpleasantness-another story!!!]...Will PM...

              Now look chaps!!! (BOB 'N MONT) -what's the point of rucking...the TRUTH such as it is -is out there now- some [bloody] where SO- BE NICE PLEASE...........Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease xxxxxxxxxxxxx

              You're both great -so stop it!!!

              Now- IMHO there IS 'something odd '-about this case- we all feel that in varying degrees....and what we feel may be open to question -BUT -my impression is to hold that 'impression' -until we KNOW something tangible -I guess-until then-

              All we can do is speculate 'eh -and that leads/has lead to rucks that we DONT need do we!!

              Suz xx
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              • Anna and Caz

                Many thanks.

                Another night in hospital but she seems to be perkier.

                Me on the other hand, lets just say Im akin to bodily fluids in the antartic!



                Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



                • As I've often said............

                  Originally posted by Monty View Post
                  I have a cavalier attitude to pompous arses who think just because they hold the title Magistrate they can talk down to individuals who disagree with them.

                  The law deserves better.
                  People who find their arguments fail often resort to personal abuse. I have very little respect for the law, law is written by man and is often wrong, I have a passion for Justice.

                  As for talking down to people weren't you the one who decided that the actions of a large number of people on these boards was 'morally wrong'? Who made you custodian of what is morally right or wrong?


                  • The reason..........

                    Dear Suzi,

                    The reason why Monty and I are rucking (I hope that means disagreeing) is that I found his comments about magistrates to be personally very offensive.

                    I can’t speak for the others, but I became a magistrate to try and make a difference. It is a volunteer position you don’t get paid, so if you are working, financially you lose. But people, good people do it because they too want to make a difference, and to be told by someone like Monty that all our actions are controlled by some failed solicitor acting as court clerk really annoys me.

                    Apart from that it is vitally important for people to know that if they ever end up in a magistrates court (as some of them will) the people who sit in judgement on them are totally independent – to read that they arrive at their decisions guided by someone the defendant perceives is part of the system that brought them to that place is totally unacceptable and very worrying.

                    When I brought that to his attention Monty assures me that he was just teasing. Really how funny, how immensely droll, what a funny man he is!
                    How nice to have something that I care passionately about made the butt of Monty’s humour!

                    His explanation was hardly heartfelt as in his next posting he falls back on the loser’s stance of hurling personal abuse at me – something I have not lowered myself to in communicating with him!


                    • The pomposity continues


                      Do you actually read my posts? Especially the bits where I clearly state the moral issuse was purely mine?

                      I never decided on anything for anyone, clearly stated it was my view. I suggest you read before you post, itll stop you looking a fool.

                      I hope you do not execute justice in this manner.



                      Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



                      • Dear Suzi

                        I do actually see Bobs point on this. However I find his tone intolerable. Not only with me but with others who disagree with him.

                        Another point is his reference to clerks as failed solicitors. They are an essential cog in the court system. His constant reference to them as failures is a sign of how little values them and therefore the system.

                        The very thing he accuses me of doing.



                        Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



                        • Hi all,

                          Bob is a great guy,who we have been fortunate to read some very interesting legal views,from.He has always been very polite to me,and I thank him for his input on this thread.
                 are a mate too,and a really great guy to post with,also.If you now agree with Bob,why on earth can't you leave it at that.

                          Clerks???...well,they can file from A-Z most of the time,and that's the main part of their job description taken care of.....I've always seen them as very helpful people in just another administration job,much the same as many others,really.



                          • Pax

                            Hi Mont-

                            See above- Off to bed me..You never know we may get breaking Mc C news tomorrow!!!

                            [There MUST be a day surely when there isn't something bubbling to the surface!]

                            Hope all's well your end though

                            Suz x

                            x Bob!
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                            'Would you like to see my African curiosities?'


                            • Interesting Picture

                              Here's a photograph from the very first JTR conference. The lady on the left is Mrs Oliver my guest from Llanelli, My brother is in the middle sans wife or any female that could be mistaken for a wife and I'm on the right NOT wearing a T shirt. The wine bottles obviously don't belong to us as my brother and I are strictly Teetotal. Now there is a fib in there somewhere.
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                              • Hi Bob,

                                I don't think anyone in their right mind reading that post,would have believed anything that was contained in it,in anyway.I thought a public apology would have been in order,but unfortunately it was never offered.

                                You look very nicely dressed for the occassion to me.It was a lot of silly nonsense that was posted when the poster couldn't think of anything else to hit you with....which wasn't anything unusual,was it.Fantasyland reigned!!!!

                                Catch you later,
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