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    I set about retrieving the Cached thread from Google but when I found it there were several posts about the number of posts and only two posts concentrating on the case.

    Those two posts were links to newspapers which we can easily post again.

    So here it is, possibly the most visited and discussed thread about poor little Madeleine McCann.

    Madeleine was abducted on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, 9 days before her 4th birthday. She was taken from the families holiday apartment where she was sleeping with her younger brother and sister whilst her parents and parents friends were dining 50 yards away. Despite a massive investigation led by the Portuguese police and supported by the British police, we still do not know who has taken her, why she was taken or where she is. In addition, private investigators based in Spain are now following up any leads regarding Madeleine’s disappearance.

    There have been numerous leads, and so far three people have been suspected,
    Robert Murat,
    Mr Gerry McCann,
    Mrs Kate McCann,

    There were rumours that the Portugese Police had DNA evidence linking the parents to the case, but because of the law in Portugal none of this is forthcoming.

    The family hired several public lianson officers to co-ordinate campaigns and publicity, but to no avail.

    Here is the McCanns official "Find Maddy" site.
    In a world exclusive with the BBC, Scotland Yard reveals their latest findings in the search for Madeleine McCann

    I know she may never be found alive, but we can all have hope.

    Regards Mike

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    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you,

    Sky News delivers breaking news, headlines and top stories from business, politics, entertainment and more in the UK and worldwide.

    McCanns to sue newspapers!!

    Perhaps a total news blackout would work better.
    Regards Mike


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      Grrrrreat news!!!

      I was so happy to hear today that Shannon Matthews was found alive and safe. Hope they cut that guys b---s off.


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        Not so fast..............

        Am I the only one who things there is something a bit odd about the Shannon case?


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          Nope.....I do to.

          Near relatives, uncles of stepfathers, and so on.



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            Several weird statements have been released,

            "A Local saw the girl 1 day after she went missing in the area"
            Why no alarm?

            "A Local heard a little girls laughter comming from the accused's property"

            Again, why no alarm, and does this sound like someone trapped against their will?

            "Two Police Officers first visited the flat, moments before calling the backup"

            So why only now, I though "All Relatives" were spoken to?

            It just doesn't add up at all.
            Regards Mike


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              Mike and Bob:

              What exactly doesn´t add up ?

              The little girl was found inside the man´s house and hidden inside the drawer of a bed designed to store things, the cops kicked the door and made their way inside the house, when the man failed to answer the door.

              The neighbours are jubilant that she was found alive after 3 weeks of her disappearance and the leaflets were all burnt in celebration after Shannon was found. She was found ALIVE Shouldn´t you rejoice ?

              I´m absolutely delighted with the outcome.

              Oh I´m sure you would have prefered the parents had been investigated to death for bad parenting probably thrown in to jail on suspicion of having killed their own daughter.

              We have seen this warped thinking before.

              Luckily the British police are brilliant and took all the leads seriously to come up with the happy outcome. If this investigation had been left to the incompetent Portuguese police... we would still be looking for this little girl right now.

              "Common sense is the least common of the senses." Espinoza


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                I totally agree Maria, it's perfectly normal for a Stepfather's Uncle to kidnap and hold child at will!! Nothing mysterious at all!!:confused:
                Regards Mike


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                  I´m sorry Mike. I meant to say Lars, not you. No need to get angry at me if I misunderstood your words. o.k. ?

                  It is just that at the Mc Cann´s thread Bob was saying the parents should be jailed on suspition of killing their daughter and the cops should be concentrating on them and not in the person who has abducted Maddie. Mr. Pee was saying the same thing as Bob. Mr Pee was saying that the parents killed her and they were trying to protect their professional reputations, which is an awful and callous thing to say about them.

                  - Maria
                  Last edited by Maria; 03-16-2008, 11:32 AM.


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                    Morning Maria,

                    Having lived in Dewsbury for over a year, I was attracted to the case of little Shannon, and know the area, and many of it's people well.

                    It is a former pit town, with several mills which closed forcing many of the locals into unemployment.

                    Add to that a growing influx of Asians, (parts of the town are asian only) and tensions become stretched.

                    In the area were I was fortunate to work, which was only minutes from Shannon's mums house, the community was so close nit every night at the pub was like a family party, with little or no trouble. I worked at the only pub on the estate, which became packed every night.

                    When the girl went missing people will begin to draw comparisons with the Mccann Case, and draw their own conclusions, but several statements regarding the Shannon Case bugged me,

                    Several of her school friends, saw her crying and upset, these were the last people to speak to her.

                    Then there was the graffiti which she had written at her mums house stating she hated her mum, and wanted to be with her dad.

                    Then there was the statement made that she had run from home before and even had a little den she had built to escape to.

                    Then we have the neighbours of the accused who saw the girl the day after everyone else, and did nothing about it.

                    The neighbour who heard a girl laughing but did nothing of it.

                    It was only the third neighbour who heard a little girls footsteps and reported it, as the accused had, had both his children taken from him.

                    The police stated that Shannon was under a Police Protection order, from who? They have their man don't they??

                    When something happens in a community like that, everyone knows about it.
                    Regards Mike


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                      It looks like poor Shannon did not have a good environment as clearly her mother was a rotten mother unsupportive of her little girl and the man who had kidnapped her for 23 days had lost custody of his own sons, pressumably for bad parenting skills.

                      So this is why Shannon is in a protective order by the police because she is not safe in her own family environment, if Shannon hates her mother it is because this little girl was being mistreated by her mother, therefore, Shannon will be removed from there and she will be placed with loving foster parents.

                      Depending on what Shannon tells the police about what really went on in her family environment, her mother could be facing prison onwhatever transpires of her conversation with the police.

                      In any case, I´m relieved and happy she has been found alive and that she can be placed with a loving family who will care and guide her during her growing years, so that she become a useful member of our society and not a messed up unhappy person.



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                        Hi all, why is Shannon being discussed on a Madeline McCann thread? It would probably be better for someone to open a new thread on her.Mind you,the moron McCanns have become unusually quiet lately,they won't like being out of the limelight,what's the betting there'll be a new Madeline "sighting"soon.Regards.


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                          Hi Anna, I guess patterns might emerge that draw comparisons to the Mccann affair.

                          The reason why they have been so quite is because a month ago they stated they were going to sue a number of British newspapers, the very same newspapers that helped launch the Madeline search!

                          My guess is they should have let the slurs go and just get on with it, now they have lost a valuble allie and the 1 year anniv is only a few months away.

                          I am glad Shannon has been found but i am still puzzled why it was her Step fathers Uncle who abducted her, and if that was the case, why was she laughing in the flat??

                          I just hope she can get over this, the police released a statement yesterday,

                          "Shannon slept well and is comfortable, this morning she had breakfast, watched DVD's and played with a kitten"

                          At least someone is taking care of her now.
                          Regards Mike


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                            When you are dealing with the media is like dealing with a double bladed knife. The media is only interested in selling newspapers and if the story of the concocted lies of the Portuguese police leaks sells newspapers... then they will repeat these unsubstantiated rumours to sell newspapers over here and because a responsible media cannot ever print gossip and innuendo in this country, then they print it as: " according to Portuguese newspapers, bla,bla,bla and this way, they are reporting what others are saying. NOT as their own story but what is being reported by others elsewhere.

                            Believe me, we do deal with the media and they will not report what you think they will report, they will omit or emphasize whatever is sensationalist, whatever sells, I´m talking about the tabloids rather than the more serious newspapers.



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                              More Nonsense From Maria

                              Hi everyone,

                              Once again Maria has gleefully disregarded the facts to put her own warped spin on everything. She writes on post number 9:

                              “It is just that at the Mc Cann´s thread Bob was saying the parents should be jailed on suspition of killing their daughter”

                              The truth is of course I have never said anything of the sort!

                              Let us not get too carried away here with the wonderful work done by the British police and how much better they are than other national police forces. The fact is in this case the police did NOT find Shannon, her presence was detected by a neighbour who informed the police. Hardly the same as tracking her down with brilliant police work. They failed to find her in spite of the fact that it appears she was being held by a relative, who the police assured us had all been checked, less than one mile away from where she was last seen.