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Ep. #39- A Diseased and Vile Creature: Thomas Cutbush

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  • Then Ally why don't you tell me all about Tumblety lodging in Batty Street?


    • I didn't publish a book about Tumblety lodging in Batty street. So why would I tell you anything about that at all?

      Pointing to someone else's "stories" to get out of answering questions about your own is a useless and childish tactic. And I am sure you are intelligent enough to recognize the difference between someone speculating, and someone stating something as definitive fact of history. But regardless, we aren't discussing Tumblety, we are discussing the Essen rape case.

      So again, AP, what is the name of the suspect in the Essen Rape case?
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      Let all Oz be agreed;
      I need a better class of flying monkeys.


      • Herr wasistgutfurdieganze...


        • Originally posted by Cap'n Jack View Post
          Then Ally why don't you tell me all about Tumblety lodging in Batty Street?
          I thought that was Kosminski's bloody clothing

          are you back captain?



          • So after this little exchange I think everyone can understand when I say I feel perfectly comfortable asserting that AP is a liar. That he made up the Essen case in its entirety, it never existed.

            He perpetrated a hoax that he sold for money.

            Boy, a whole lot of his moral high ground just came crashing down.

            Thank you and good night.

            Let all Oz be agreed;
            I need a better class of flying monkeys.


            • I can still see daylight here, Ally, from my high ground.


              • But... is is happening again, as we speak?
                And a lot closer to a place near you.

                Police step up search for campus area rapist
                After nearly four months of attacks some students and residents say police, UNCG let citizens down
                Joe Killian
                Issue date: 3/19/03 Section: Campus News
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                After nearly four months of attacks some students and residents say police, UNCG let citizens down

                After another in a series of burglaries, attacks and sexual assaults just off campus the Greensboro and UNCG police are stepping up their search for the man they believe responsible, releasing an artist's rendering and issuing a Crime Alert Bulletin. After nearly four months of attacks, students and residents are saying it's about time.

                According to police, the latest attack came at 8:30 p.m. last Tuesday, when a man entered a Tate Street house and tried to rape a woman living there.

                The woman escaped, screaming for her neighbors to call 911, but her attacker got away.

                Though relatively quiet about the assaults before now, police said the victims' descriptions have been similar enough to give them an idea of who they're looking for - a light skinned black male in his 20's, approximately 5'10'' with a medium build. According to police he has been wearing a black jacket and matching ski mask and is targeting apartments and houses where women live.

                "It seems like he has a familiarity with the area and with the places he's choosing to break into," Detective M.D. Matthews told the News and Record last week.

                Matthews, one of two detectives working the case full time, said all the attacks have occurred within about two miles of campus, from Tate Street to Holden Road, in apartments and houses occupied largely by UNCG students.

                The first known attack happened Dec. 20, when the suspect came through an unlocked door on Parkwood Drive and attacked the woman living there. According to police records she escaped, but so did he.

                Four days later, police believe the same man came through an unlocked door on Englewood Street.

                Police records were unavailable for any of the other attacks - but there have been seven in all since December. They have been concentrated in the residential areas of College Park, College Hill and one in Lindley Park. Students in the area said the police and University haven't been taking the threat seriously enough - and that they should have been stopped long before now.

                "I somewhat have a feeling that the school is trying to hide this story so as to keep the school from getting looked at in a bad light," said Cheryl Stewart, a UNCG student whose roommate was raped in January. "I really believe it is the responsibility of the school to try and protect its students and that is something I have not seen yet."


                • While trying not to take sides nor upset any one..ive listened to all of the rippercasts now, and to be honest i find Allys questioning a breath of fresh matter how abrasive...questions need to be asked..Ally asks questions...the same sort of questions i find myself asking
                  I am in no way anything approaching even a novice in the whole JTR scenario
                  but if this site is going to be anything like a definitive database for people who do have an interest , when a question is asked, surely if an answer is available it should be given...Ally asked a question about the Bochum/Essen case...
                  the silence is i will not take seriously any other "facts " the bloke who espoused this case presents..if you cannot come up with the should in no way present the case.....
                  in my humble opinion...


                  • Then send Ally to Bochum to do some research.


                    • Originally posted by Cap'n Jack View Post
                      Then send Ally to Bochum to do some research.
                      what would be the point of that when someone has all the evidence at hand?


                      • Because, my dear chap, I'm not Ally's monkey on a stick.


                        • i'm not aqsking you to be, my dear old about anteing up for the rest of us?


                          • Sorry, but my reputation has been called into question here by Ally, and in such a situation I will not defend myself, but will allow historical fact to speak for itself.
                            The onus is on Ally to show and prove that the allegations she has made against me, serious ones at that, can be proven in law.
                            She doubts my word, but she has yet to investigate the facts.
                            I take this matter very seriously indeed.


                            • AP you are full of crap. You are the one who has made a claim in a book that you published and received money for accusing the police force of Bochum of committing criminal acts.

                              You have provided absolutely no basis for your story, not a single name, not a single fact to back it up.

                              The onus is in fact on YOU to prove your claims since you are the one who made them,

                              The burden does fall on others to prove your stories, when you don't provide even a reasonable launching point for them.

                              In short, you lied, you got caught and all your bluster isn't going to weasel you out of it.

                              But really, attempting to say the onus is on others to prove your stories true, is pathetic and sad and a pitiable act of desperation.

                              Let all Oz be agreed;
                              I need a better class of flying monkeys.


                              • Actually Andy,there is quite a bit of factual information that Ap researched and that is included in The Myth,the entirety of which is freely available here on Casebook thanks to the generosity of Ap .
                                After I had read "The Myth" I then took the trouble a few years ago to go twice to read for myself the material from these 1894 Sun Newspaper articles ,contemporary with the Ripper and to which AP Wolf both drew attention , back in 1992, and also analysed from the point of view of their likely credibility and then drew on, to base his contention that Thomas Cutbush may well have been the Ripper.
                                I spent some considerable time at Colindale Newspaper Library and in the meantime Chris Scott very kindly transcribed this important series of articles from copies of the archived Sun Newspaper series that I sent him so that these too are now available on Casebook.
                                I also took the trouble to find out a little about The Sun Newspaper of 1894 at this time ,and discovered from several sources , that it was quite a serious and well regarded National Newspaper that ranked very closely with the Daily Telegraph of 1894 in readership and respectability, its colourful and sometimes melodramatic Victorian phrasing belying the seriousness of its subject matter.Furthermore, the publication of these February 1894 articles preceeded Sir Melville Macnaghten"s report by only days,suggesting that Scotland Yard and possibly the Government were quite uneasy about any likely repercussions.

                                To be honest, I find it difficult to reconcile your stance regarding "evidence" Andy.What "evidence" do you have for writing articles implying a young barrister/teacher, whose great love in life was cricket and helping to run Blackheath Cricket club was Jack the Ripper?Apart from the fact he got into some sort of trouble at the boys school he taught at and drowned himself in 1888 ? A man who hadnt even been to Whitechapel ---that we know of with any certainty---- and who had no known conviction or arrest of any kind, still less using a knife on women in the open air ?
                                Sir Melville Macnaghten certainly didnt bother getting his FACTS straight for one,in his famous reports, while being perfectly prepared to incriminate, in writing,by suggestion, a depressed young man----who to date anyway and from all appearances was totally innocent.

                                You know what regard I hold for your sincerity Andy,I am not meaning here to hold that in any doubt, but I did carry out quite a bit of research of my own into Thomas Cutbush and the book AP Wolf wrote on the matter,so I am a bit taken aback about the amount of vitriol that has been posted about AP and his work lately.

                                Best Wishes

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