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  • caz
    Well the tall stori- er, simple truths are becoming less complex as we head further into the new year, so that's a blessing. By Christmas we should have Tumblety bungling Nichols, his sidekick Le Grand succeeding on his behalf with Chapman but bungling Stride, then the Flemish giant - sorry, that's a rabbit - the Fleming giant, all 6 foot seven of him, taking over for Eddowes and Kelly.

    Three tall men in concert, making short work of the canonical five.

    This could catch on - if we are not careful.



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  • mariab
    IWEC theory

    Originally posted by Tom_Wescott View Post
    The true Le Grand theory is strong enough without having to muck it up with Tumblety and complicated theories involving the IWEC.
    Tom, as you've insisted so many times (remember the “Lynn Cates stolen theory“?), you yourself are the one who came up with the “complicated theories involving the IWEC“! My own theory (which I'm the first to admit it's based on yours, but complements it ingeniously) provides a comprehensive explanation on why Pipeman's physical description was included in Schwartz's testimony, even if Schwartz's testimony is not entirely truthful. Also you're the one who discovered that the WVC was approaching the IWEC, so it should not come to you as a big surprise that you got me interested in the relations/conflicts between these 2 organizations.
    If truth be told, you did had a bit of a problem with Pipeman's physical description in a witness' testimony which is considered controversial, and I'm the one who came up with a comprehensive resolution for this problem, so I'd say you should be really thankful to me for saving your as* in this case. (The last part about the “thankful“ being obviously a joke.)
    Plus, Berner Street is a complex issue (due to the many different players involved), but my theory is not “complicated“ in the least, it's super crystal-clear.
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  • Tom_Wescott
    No, because it's only a possibility in the sense that all things are possible. The true Le Grand theory is strong enough without having to muck it up with Tumblety and complicated theories involving the IWEC. But it doesn't seem many people have really taken the time to absorb the simple truths about why Le Grand makes such a good suspect.

    Yours truly,

    Tom Wescott
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  • Abby Normal
    started a topic LeGrand conspiracy

    LeGrand conspiracy

    Has anyone brought up the possibility of LeGrand working with Tumbelty for the foul deeds?
    My thoughts go like this:

    Tumblety, after not being able to procure the specimans he desired for his collection through "official" channels (the story of the American Dr at the Nichols inquest) enlists the services of PI/Pimp/shady charactor LeGrand for the purpose. perhaps in his capacity as a pimp, Legrand was already helping Dr. T procure male prostitutes?

    LeGrand then gets someone to help him with the deeds? (GH, chapman, some other lacky?