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Is Kosminski still the best suspect we have?

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  • Originally posted by Trevor Marriott View Post

    There is a full chapter on the marginalia and its flaws, to be found in my book "Jack the Ripper the real truth" to much to post on here

    trevor do you still have any of those coffee mugs with "UNSAFE" emblazoned on them? id be interested in one of those for sure.
    "Is all that we see or seem
    but a dream within a dream?"

    -Edgar Allan Poe

    "...the man and the peaked cap he is said to have worn
    quite tallies with the descriptions I got of him."

    -Frederick G. Abberline


    • If the perp isn't Kosminski then he's someone like Kosminski - working class, local, mental health issues, locked up somewhere or died soon after the murders and possibly Jewish. The identification alone makes him our best suspect by far. I'm not for a moment suggesting this identification isn't without problems.