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New Suspect named in Special Branch Ledgers

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    Originally posted by rjpalmer View Post

    I think the month with hard labour was for attempting to stab the woman. For the PC, the magistrate gave him a strongly worded talking-to.
    Served him right!


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      Originally posted by Trevor Marriott View Post
      I have come across another named suspect from the Special Branch registers which I will share with the community

      It was an entry generated by Police Sergeant Leonard who was a Whitechapel police officer likely as not was seconded to Special Branch. The entry read “P Johnson said to be Jack the Ripper” I could find no further information on this man other than census records show that there was a Peter Johnson who was born in 1839 and resided in Thrawl Street Spitalfields. Nothing more is known on this man, other than he was recorded as being single and shown as a general dealer. Another possibility is that the P referred to Phillip. In which case there was a Phillip Johnson shown on the census records as living in Whitechapel, his occupation was described as a skin dresser he would have been 42 years of age in 1888 and a single man. The information source cannot be corroborated as Sgt Leonard may have simply been given this information in the course of his duties which is not helped by no Christian name being given.

      Hi, Trevor.

      Would the fact that Sgt Leonard refers to this individual only by his initial, rather than his given name, suggest that this "P Johnson said to be Jack the Ripper" was someone already widely known within SB circles and thus someone whose full name he wouldn't need to give them?
      "It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins twisting facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (as Sherlock Holmes).