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  • Lechmere validity

    Of all the known credible suspects; am i correct in stating that Lechmere is the only one thus far who can be directly connected to an actual murder site?

    i am aware that the jury is still out regarding Lechmere, with some being pro-Lechmere and others anti-Lechmere in terms of his validity as a suspect, but maybe looking closer at him will help to establish a more conclusive argument for either viewpoint respectively.

    I've been trying to connect Lechmere to another victim, working of course with an open mind and on the basis of following where my research takes me.

    What better place to start than with a suspect who was actually present at one of the murders!

    so... pro & anti Lechmereians, open minded thoughts and theories please?

    the rookie detective

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    He is definitely among the top 3 Suspects.


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      Lechmere is definitely a person of interest, although probably not as much as some think.

      In answer to your question, no he is not the only suspect that can be directly connected to an actual murder site.

      An unknown soldier can be connected to Mrs Tabram's murder site.

      PC Neil, Paul, the Harrison and Barber employees and Lechmere have been named as suspects to Mrs Nichols site.

      John Davis at Mrs Chapman's murder site.

      Lewis Deimshitz and other club members at Mrs Strides.

      The warehouse watchman, who's name escapes me for the moment, PC Watkins and Lawende and co. at Catherine Eddowes.

      Mr Blotchy and Hutchinson at Mary Kelly's.

      Basically everyone connected to a site has been accused at some stage.
      aka drstrange

      "Whenever an expert says something that bolsters the Lechmere theory, it is not my task to disprove him ..."