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Fleming/Hutchinson theory?

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  • Watch it - you'll be accused of being off topic.


    • Try to be down-to-earth like Toppy, Richard...

      Hi Richard

      According to Mary Kelly. she was very fond of another man called Joe, who often ill-used her for her carrying on's with Barnett..
      Yes, and Barnett did not say "Joe", but "Joseph Flemming" : "She told me that in Pennington Street she lived (...) with Joseph Flemming, she was very fond of him. He was a mason's plasterer. He lived in Bethnal Green Road."

      Just to assume that the ex plasterer Fleming, who had the name Joe , must have been the man she was fond of, is far from conclusive.
      It clearly is, just re-read what is quoted above.

      You're thus both wrong and off-topic, Richard. Now if you want to follow Lechmere and argue that Fleming-the-plasterer-from-Bethnal-Green-Road wasn't Fleming-the-plasterer-from-Bethnal-Green-Road, please be fair and start another thread.

      This one is about Fleming's possible coming forward as Hutch, nothing else.

      If there was a thread called : "Why did Toppy come forward after the inquest ?", I wouldn't post that I don't believe Toppy was Hutch. That would be off-topic, so if I wanted to participate, I would have to accept the postulate and assume, for the sake of discussion, that Toppy was Hutch.


      • Le ciel est bleu comme une orange

        Originally posted by Lechmere View Post
        Watch it - you'll be accused of being off topic.
        Still no evidence Fleming wasn't Fleming ?

        Thought you were about to prove how wrong Chris Scott was.

        But sorry, I'm off-thread.

        For once.

        Seriously, don't you believe other points concerning Fleming, as his identity for example, must be discussed on other threads ?