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    It is with great sadness that I have to report the sudden passing of Philip Sugden, at the age of 67 years, at the beginning of this month. He passed away suddenly at his home in Hull and the announcement has been withheld until now at the request of his brother whilst arrangements were being made.

    The field of Ripper studies has lost a fine historian and author whose stature in the field cannot be gainsaid. I feel his loss very much personally as he was a great friend and mentor to me. For many years he had been working on another lengthy study (not Ripper related) and it is hoped that this will eventually be published.

    Treat me gently I'm a newbie.

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    My deepest sympathies to the Sugden family,

    Phillip Sugden's work is a cornerstone of this field, and a standard we all should aim to achieve.

    I know you and Rosie were especially fond of him, my thoughts are with you all.


    Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.


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      Thank you Stewart for letting us all know of this sad loss.

      One of the greatest books on the subject written by one of the best authors came from this man's pen. Mr Sugden stood for a total re-think in the way the written word of the case be presented to the world. A very sad loss indeed. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.
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        So sorry to hear of this. Ripperology has lost another seeker of the truth.


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          As expressed elsewhere I am deeply sorry to hear of this sad news...

          All the best



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            My thoughts are with Philip's family.
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              My deepest sympathies, and what a shocking loss at only 67.
              Regards, Jon S.


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                Superficially, a book is something you go into a shop and pay money for, but a book this good is a kind of gift from author to reader - the gift of the fruits of an author's patience, intelligence, experience, skill, imagination and sheer painstaking labour, and it's a gift for which he will always be remembered.


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                  How sad. It was Mr. Sugden's book that first got me interested in the case. I still think it is the best overall book on the Ripper. I am sure he will be missed. My thoughts are with him and his loved ones. -- Rob H


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                    Oh, I'm so sad. My sympathies are with his family and friends. I've read his book at least 12 times and wished he would have written more on the subject. 67 is far too young to die, especially for such a brilliant scholar. We've lost one of our best.


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                      So sad to hear from Stewart Evans that Philip Sugden has died. A great a loss, he was a marvellous ,thrilling , analytical writer and researcher whose book I always kept and still keep at the very top of my list.He is right up there with the very best.
                      My sympathy to his family and friends .


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                        Wise Words

                        "I don't propose a theory. My aim, simply, was to provide serious students of the case, or indeed anyone with an interest in the case, with a dependable general book that gave a comprehensive account of the events and took a hard, no-nonsense look at the main suspects. I can't find a credible case against any of them." - Philip Sugden, April, 1994.
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                        Treat me gently I'm a newbie.


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                          Hello Stewart. Thanks.

                          Very sad news.



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                            condolences and prayers for his family.

                            his was the first book I read on the ripper. a masterpiece.
                            thanks and god bless mr. Sugden.
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                              So sorry to hear of Mr. Sugden's death. I found his book (really two books as he updated it) on the Ripper excellent as an example of scholarship and writing. I hope his other work, when edited (if necessary) is released.