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    This is very sad news, albeit I didn't know Philip personally. His was one of two books recommended to me a couple of years ago by someone for whom I have enormous respect. It was one of the best book purchases I ever made. His contribution to this field was enormous. Deepest sympathies to the Sugden family for such a sudden and terrible loss.
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      I am very sorry to hear that, his contribution to Ripperology cannot be rated highly enough. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
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        Thanks Stewart.

        Philip Sugden was a great inspiration to me in writing my Ripper book, as he was for many other authors...

        My sincere condolences to his family for their loss and grief. He was a rare person of integrity.

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          My sincere condolences, too. What a huge loss.

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            Message From Dr John Sugden

            I have been contacted by Philip's brother, Dr. John Sugden, who wishes to acknowledge the kind words about Philip that have appeared on the message boards. He asked me to relay the following message.

            'I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have paid their respects to my brother on this website. He would have been moved to read your words. Phil was a quiet person, who never courted publicity, and he declined most invitations to speak at conferences or give interviews. He only consented to do one television programme, and that was a documentary made for French television. But he was always pleased to know that his work was appreciated. It had not always been so. Many of you will not know that Phil had a hard time getting a publisher for his book. He was sure that an exhaustive, impartial and well-reasoned history would serve the study of the Whitechapel murders, but publishers complained that his book was either too big, too detailed or - the commonest caveat - that he hadn't told his readers who Jack the Ripper really was! Almost in vain did Phil try to tell them that History wasn't as clear-cut as that. We don't know the answers to so many interesting but stubbornly baffling episodes of the past. Despite all, Phil and I had faith in his book and persevered, refusing all offers to publish a trimmed or bowdlerized version. I used to say to Phil, quoting Oscar Wilde I think, "If you tell the truth, some day you are sure to be found out." Somewhere there had to be a publisher as committed to honest history as we were, and Nick Robinson, who sadly died last year, stepped nobly up to the plate. Phil would have been delighted to learn that so many of you enjoyed his book, and benefited from what he had done. Among other things, it would have told him that he had been right to fight his battle to get it to you as he had written it. Terri and I also greatly appreciate all your kind thoughts and wishes, and wish you success in your own quests for the truth about this mysterious corner of Britain's past. John Sugden.'

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              Hello Stewart. Thanks for posting that.

              Ironic the resistance he met.



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                Yes thank you Stewart. Like everyone here I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Phil Sugden and wish to extend my condolences to the family.

                The Complete History of Jack the Ripper is a masterpiece. Phil Sugden was a quite skilled and engaging writer. So despite the length of the book, I never had that feeling of hitting a wall halfway through. You keep going.

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