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What 5 Questions Would You Like Answered?

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  • What 5 Questions Would You Like Answered?

    I'm throwing this out to the general community:

    If you could have five Ripper-related questions answered by God, Time Machine, Riverworld reporter, future mind-reader, whatever, which would they be?

    The only restriction: any DIRECT question as to the Ripper's identity is not allowed. ("Who was Jack the Ripper"; "who killed those women"; etc.) Also, five is just a guideline- if you have 6 or 7 or so, that's fine.
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    Just off the top of my head :

    Who was Mary Kelly?

    Why did Druitt kill himself?

    Did Thomas Cutbush know Supt Cutbush?

    Who was George Hutchinson?

    Was there a Seaside Home ID?


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      Who wrote the Swanson Marginalia?
      Who forged the Diary?
      Why will there never be another American conference?
      What women were killed by the same hand?
      Who was Mary Kelly?

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      I'm Wicked through and through.


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        A difficult one, but here goes,

        Why did the killer mark Eddowes' face?
        Who was Mary Kelly?
        Who was Astrokhan man?
        What was burning in the fire?
        Where and why was Eddowes heading in the direction she was when she left the Police Station?


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          Cinco preguntas.

          Hello CF.

          1. What was Liz doing on Berner?

          2. What were John and Kate doing when they first got back to London?

          3. Where were John and Kate staying when they first got back to London?

          4. Who was Mary Kelly?

          5. Were the RIC men at Miller's court part of Sir Ed's intelligence network?



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            1. How many killers?

            2. How were Stride and Eddowes subdued?

            3. Which witness came closest (physically) to the killer? Cadosch? Lawende? Lechmere? (Does god explode in a logical paradox if I ask that last one and Lechmere was the Ripper?)

            4. When was Mary Kelly killed?

            5. How much of Israel Schwartz's story was truthful?


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              1. Was the double event really such?

              2. Did the killer write the GSG?

              3. Who the hell was murdered in #13 Millers Court, when did she die, who the hell was "MJK", was she a victim of the same murderer? It's all one big question. That's how I roll.

              4. Were any of the other non-canon victims murdered by the same person?

              5. Why did Van Gogh do it? I apologize for nothing.
              Valour pleases Crom.


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                1. Who killed the 5?
                2. What other murders did he commit?
                3. Who knew about him being the killer?
                4. What happened to him after Kelly (or a later murder?)
                5. Why do fools fall in love?



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                  Hello CF,

                  my questions in no particular order:

                  - Who was Mary Kelly?

                  - What did Kate Eddowes do and whom did she meet during the blank hours between her return from Kent and her death?

                  - What is the significance of the mutilations and organ removal?

                  - Did Liz Stride have a date or was she soliciting on the night of her murder in the area of the IWMEC?

                  - Were all victims killed by the same hand?

                  These are just five of the many questions I have. The whole case is one big, fat questionmark...


                  ~ All perils, specially malignant, are recurrent - Thomas De Quincey ~


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                    1: what murders did he commit before the C6 ? (I include Tabram)
                    2: did he commit any after MJK ?
                    3: did Mulshaw see the ripper ?
                    4: how did the murderer use the trophies ?
                    5: what is Sam Flynn doing ?


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                      OK - I'll try for 5 that haven't been asked yet.

                      1-Was Eddowes working with police?
                      2-Did Jack kill any of the Torso victims?
                      3-Was Jack in the gang that attacked Smith?
                      4-Did Jack know any of the victims?
                      5-What was the name of Diemschutz's pony?
                      This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

                      Stan Reid


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                        Hi Stan

                        Love your number five...was it Lipski?

                        Hi David

                        Ditto love your number five too - someone as passionate as that surely doesn't just give up the interest?

                        Most of us seem to place a premium upon the identity of MJK - could it be that it's one of the great subconscious drivers behind modern ripperology?

                        All the best



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                          Hi Dave,

                          Originally posted by Cogidubnus View Post
                          Most of us seem to place a premium upon the identity of MJK - could it be that it's one of the great subconscious drivers behind modern ripperology?
                          I think the fact that the case is still unsolved is the major driving force behind it but the Kelly mystery sure is an important factor as well. A lot of time and effort went into researching the lifes of the victims in recent years, and with every new detail that came to light, a bit of dignity had been given back to them. However, there still are a lot of white spots in Mary's life, some of which may not only be relevant to her but also the Ripper case as whole, that's why research will have to continue in order to close the gaps and finally complete the puzzle.

                          Best regards,

                          ~ All perils, specially malignant, are recurrent - Thomas De Quincey ~


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                            What exactly do we call the "Kelly mystery" ?

                            Her real name could well be O'Hara, Williams or... Kelly, but does it matter that much ?

                            She may have gone to Paris, or not. Again, does it matter so much ?

                            She was a poor and young prostitute bogged down in the East End for already several years in 1888, where she was known as MJK.
                            That we know, and it matters more than her unascertained trip to France, or her birthplace.

                            Not to say I'm not willing to know more, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over the so-called "Kelly mystery".



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                              Hello Stan, Dave. The name of Dimshits's pony was "Bashful." Why else would he shy?