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Exhumation of the victims today.

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    Originally posted by Wickerman View Post
    It just needed to be said, in my view.
    Far too many nonsense-based conspiracy theories these days. I have to wonder what the world is coming to. This was such a minor example but Kattrup nailed it.
    Don't take it personal Martyn.
    No Kattrup did not nail it. But I respect both your and Kattrup views and we just have to agree to disagree on whether there was a conspiracy/cover up or not..


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      I'm a little late responding to this one . I asked a very similar question and did a bit of reading on my own on this very topic. First the DNA. It's important to note that DNA lasts a very very long time if the body is buried down a few feet. Having said that, Lets use Mary Kelly as the example here, that speaks to Mary's DNA, any DNA from the killer would be almost certainly gone depending on anything present in the grave or on her body or what have you and how she was buried that the killer left his DNA on...i.e. was she wrapped in something or put in a pine box or whatever along with an article of clothing the killer may have left DNA on. All of this is assuming you could find her in the first place. Her original burial site was lost to time and even if you found it, correct me if I'm wrong, but her grave site was reused so has graves atop it; or am I mistaken? At any rate there would be a great and I mean GREAT deal of luck involved in simply finding her grave, not to mention because there are no living relatives to ask permission from you'd have to seek help from the government and even then the cemetery itself may have recourse to say; nope not gonna happen. I don't know the laws concerning these things if exhumation were granted by the government and the cemetery didn't wish it happen. At any rate the only people that it would help to find Mary Kelly's actual grave site and body, dig her up, run DNA and so on, would be to be able to knock on someone's door and say; guess what you're a direct descendant of the final victim of Jack the Ripper. In the case of the other victims where their burial sites are known, they have families living today or what have you; here's the issue. Put simply so much time has passed that the graves, I don't believe, would hold anything of value that would point to the killer.

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        I wonder, then, if elimination could be the way forward in using what can possibly be used of the bodies/murder weapons/props. Is there a sophisticated enough technique that could see DNA or other evidence from the possessions/corpses of the main suspects compared and contrasted with any of the biological or other physical evidence from the crime scenes. For example if Tumblety's DNA is not even in trace evidence on a few key artefacts, he can't be JtR?


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          My view on finding Kelly at St Patrick's Cemetery:

          "There wasn't a breath of wind last night yet the sails of the windmill went round and round and round".

          Enough said.
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            Illustrated Police News 17-11-1888:

            "Maurice Lewis, a tailor, living in Dorset-street, stated that he had known the deceased woman for the last five years. Her name was Mary Jane Kelly. She was short, stout, and dark.

            For various reasons it's difficult to be confident when making a visual comparison between the IPN picture of Kelly and the pictures of the butchered Miller's Court victim. But those obvious reasons not withstanding, I'm not seeing a short, stout, dark woman in the Kelly picture. I referring in particular to that "Kelly" picture as on Andrew Cook's book.

            Appreciate any comments from ya' all.


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              According to

              Daily Telegraph of 10 November 1888 described her as "tall, slim, fair, of fresh complexion, and of attractive appearance" and Wikipedia states:
              "Contemporary reports estimated Kelly's height at 5 feet and 7 inches (1.70 metres)."

              Tall, slim and short and stout at the same time...Kelly was a true legend!
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