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    And it there's the scratched fireplace/ red paint on the silencer caused in the struggle with Neville, but the early crime scene photos show the fireplace unscratched?
    The police had a field day with the crime scene thinking it was open and shut, then tried to cover that incompetency when it started to appear that Jeremy was involved.
    The guy deserves a proper retrial, and it would be an opportunity to put the case to bed because so much of his defence is based on things that were handled badly at the time.
    I do believe he's guilty, but justice takes many forms.
    Them's the vagaries.


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      Originally posted by OneRound View Post
      Only one episode in of six so far but I would recommend the tv drama White House Farm to anyone interested in this case.

      I watched the final episode last night. I found it a compelling drama, well acted and beautifully filmed. It clearly favoured Bamber's guilt but still did not shy away from raising doubts and uncertainties.

      Whilst being no advocate for Bamber's innocence, I had serious issues concerning Julie Mugford's evidence and the motivation for it which was apparently so significant in his conviction.

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