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Couple of older true crime books

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    Originally posted by Wickerman View Post
    I see one of my all time worst books is now approaching an astonishing $1000.00 Canadian.
    Jack the Ripper, A New Theory, William Stewart, 1939.
    And to think I had it in my hands about 50 years ago.

    I hope no-one is dumb enough to.....
    Thems the Vagaries.....


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      Originally posted by Gordon View Post
      Sellers on Amazon are asking $1300 and up for copies of To Drop a Dime. It makes me wonder why that book has never been reprinted, since it's so sought-after. Maybe the publishers are afraid someone will put out a contract on them?
      Aside copyright, the resale interest is the main factor. How desirable is the book, will it sell in enough volume to cover the potential legal costs etc.

      Cola Cowboys by Franklyn Wood is a great example, it was a cult classic and worth a tidy sum. It's potential as a new release was good, but all attempts to contact the author/ original publisher hit a dead end. In the end, a publisher took a gamble on re-printing it sans copyright, and no one came forward.

      Archaic copyright is an odd thing. See "Men at Work" for details.
      Thems the Vagaries.....