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Casebook Examiner No. 3 (August 2010)

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    Hello Corey,
    I looked at previous posts and it seems that I've had you confused with MrTwibbs. Many, many apologies!
    I totally got it before that only a small part of your essay discusses your personal psychological evaluation of the murderer, and that the rest is about other matters. (Wonder what other matters!) Bundy, huh? Now I get it why Wescott is happy that your profile fits to his Le Grand. Such as a Dahmer profile would fit Kozminski (whom I don't consider as a viable suspect) or perhaps Barnett (whom I consider viable, so shoot me!), etc.. To be honest I mostly agree with Fisherman, that Le Grand profiles like the one of these 2 LA Italian strangler fellas from the 1970s (Buono what's his face), who, interestingly enough, had an associate in his cousin, as le Grand might have had (an associate, I don't know about a cousin!). In my opinion Bundy was a bit less obvious in his acting out than Le Grand. On the other side, there's a very entertaining essay online by an FBI lady discussing how idiotic Bundy's MO was, as he drived around in a GOLD Volkswagen beetle, approaching would-be-victims with the line “Hi, my name's Ted“. Might have as well left his wallet at the scene...
    I'll definitely read your essay with great interest, if you wish to PM me or I can wait until December. This week's a bit tight, due to my needing to complete an article of mine (most obviously NOT in Ripperology) which needs at least 3 evenings to get done, and tonight won't do it, plus another, shorter text on deadline.
    As for News from Whitechapel, I'm afraid pricey is not good for right now. I've been thinking about bying the new A-Z, but after all the corrections occurring, I seriously consider to wait until the next (paperback) edition!!
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    Best regards,


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      Hello Maria,

      Yes, Ted Bundy is about as close as I plan to reveil at this point. Of coarse, I believe you will be supprised at how this may be connected to my essay.

      Anyways, PM me if you like. I will be more than welcom to talk on it.

      Yours truly
      Washington Irving:

      "To a homeless man, who has no spot on this wide world which he can truly call his own, there is a momentary feeling of something like independence and territorial consequence, when, after a weary day's travel, he kicks off his boots, thrusts his feet into slippers, and stretches himself before an inn fire. Let the world without go as it may; let kingdoms rise and fall, so long as he has the wherewithal to pay his bills, he is, for the time being, the very monarch of all he surveys. The arm chair in his throne; the poker his sceptre, and the little parlour of some twelve feet square, his undisputed empire. "



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        Hi Corey,
        I guess I'll be surprised to find out how it all connects together in your article.
        I'll MP you at some point, only now my head is falling between the laptop keyboard and screen like a filling between 2 slices of bread, so I'm calling it a night.
        Good luck and have fun with your research for the article.
        Best regards,