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Episode 64- The Real Mary Kelly with Wynne Weston-Davies

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    Thanks for that JM I didn't hear that bit.
    A good newspaper link if anyone can understand welsh, a few are english

    I did see that Edward Davies' sister Mary Weston Davies was married to a Mr West who was connected to a company called Maple & Co in London. I had to put bits onto a online translator that was a bit hit and miss. Millions of Elizabeth Davies so have not translated them.



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      Have pursued the parents of a different Mary Ann Kelly who lived in Tottenham Rd at one stage.

      They were furniture sellers.

      Thought the above link might be pertinent to this thread though.
      My name is Dave. You cannot reach me through Debs email account


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        A mention in 1876

        This is from that site I mentioned in last post, it is regarding a baliff catching men illegally casting nets. She was a defence witness..

        The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard
        9th August 1878
        For the defence Elizabeth Weston Davies, Aberangell, said she was at Thomas Davies's house until half-past eleven o'clock at night. Thomas Evans and his two brothers and the two sisters were there, and she left them in the house when she went away. Thomas Evans had his boots off and was preparing to go to bed. Jane Lewis, Aberangell, said she left in company with the foregoing witness. Evans's boots were not on his feet. David Evans said he slept with his brother Thomas, who went to bed first. When lie (witness) went to bed he left his sisters down-stairs. He and his brother had to pass through their sisters' bedroom. He found his brother in bed, and he was there in the morning. He went to bed soon after Elizabeth Davies left. Thomas got up the first in the morning



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          Great find Pat!