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Spooner revisited, with some Lamb on the side.

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    Originally posted by New Waterloo View Post
    Thank you NotBlamed for pointing me towards the 'Whistling on Berner Street' very interesting but wow a lot to read.
    I think I drafted the initial post and forgot to edit it.

    I'm going to suggest something more radical.

    Louis Diemschitz could settle the matter? Echo, Oct 1:

    I got a candle, and at once went into the yard, where I saw a quantity of blood near the body. I did not touch the body. I went for a policeman, but could not find one. When looking for the police, I told a young man of the affair, and he came with me back to the yard.

    The important thing here seems to be the date of the press report. No chance of Diemschutz being influenced by later reports and it seems accepted by all that he was first to discover the body. So he leaves the yard and within a short period finds a young man. He doesn't mention any girlfriend with the young man. Where has she gone at this stage. Is Spooner the killer of Stride. Great alibi to be at the scene in plain site. Maybe just a mad idea.

    Have you had a read of Edward spooner - Casebook: Jack the Ripper Forums​?
    Andrew's the man, who is not blamed for nothing