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    Originally posted by caz View Post

    I don't know the answer, but if Joe Barnett could no longer provide for them both, but objected to Mary going on the streets or inviting others back to the room, something was bound to give. Might even have been a mutual parting.
    Originally posted by Prosector View Post

    I think it probably was Caz. It had only been a matter of days and neither seems to have made much of an effort to patch things up.
    I think it probably wasn't. How would Barnett's life have improved by leaving Mary?
    On the other hand, "Joe has been a good fellow to me. I shall have to leave him." - sounds like Joe tries hard and has no major moral failings, but has become more of a dead weight than of benefit to her, and it's time to move on.
    It's also possible that Mary received a 'better offer', which really tipped the balance against Joe.

    Julia Venturini (her actual name) is an interesting character and, as far as I know, the only person who claimed that MJK had told her that her husband was still alive.
    She is interesting. Her (Daily Telegraph) inquest testimony includes this:

    She said she was fond of another man, also named Joe. I never saw this man. I believe he was a costermonger.

    It would be reasonable to suppose that she knew this other man was named Joe, because Mary told her - she had never seen him herself.
    However, in the Echo, Nov 12, the picture is a little different:

    Coroner: Did she tell you she was fond of another man?
    Venturini: Yes.
    Coroner: Did she tell you his name?
    Venturini: No. But it's a funny thing, his name's Joe, deceased said. I think he was a costermonger, but she did not tell me where he lived.

    Did Julia Venturini meet and/or learn the name of 'the other Joe', after the murder?
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