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Does anyone think it possible that any of the victims (not all) could have been killed by Jack the Ripper? I'm talking the more likely ones such as Pinchin Street / Whitehall? I would have dismissed them a few years back but now my mind is changing and thinking it is a possibility, especially with Pinchin Street.
Why donīt you ascribe all the torso cases to the same man? Charles Hebbert said that the Rainham case, The Whitehall case, Liz Jackson and the Pinchin Street case were in all probability the work of the same man. He based it on the similarities of the cutting done to the bodies: "In almost every respect they (the two latter murders, Jackson/Pinchin Street, my remark) are similar to the first two cases (Rainham/Whitehall, my remark), and appear to belong to a series of murders and dismemberment by the same hand."
Further to that: "The mode of dismemberment and mutilation was in all similar, and showed very considerable skill in execution, and it is a fair presumption from the facts, that the same man committed all four murders."

I include the 1873 torso too, and probably the 1874 ditto, although there is very scarce evidence relating to the latter case.

And yes, I think we have the same killer in all these cases AND the Ripper series.