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The singularly strange Death of Rose Mylett

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    Rose Mylett was found dead 125 year ago this Friday, the 20th, closing out the Autumn of Terror. Despite some disagreement, the official ruling was murder, possibly by JtR.
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    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid


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      My boyfriend used diethyl ether once to render me unconscious (it was consensual). As I recall, there wasn't any lingering smell. I'm not sure how effective it would be for immobilizing a victim, though - it took a few good deep breaths before I was semi-conscious, and then several more before I finally passed out. If I'd actually been fighting or try to escape, I'm not sure how well it would have worked.
      - Ginger


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        It is interesting why Robert Anderson contradicted the doctors,what was to gain? If he just accepted the doctors and investigated what was the big deal? This was a weird reaction by Anderson.
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        Clearly the first human laws (way older and already established) spawned organized religion's morality - from which it's writers only copied/stole,ex. you cannot kill,rob,steal (forced,it started civil society).
        M. Pacana