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I Think MJK was Welsh with Irish Ancestry

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  • I Think MJK was Welsh with Irish Ancestry

    Sorry, it's my annual "Ponder MJK Week", apparently.

    I know this is flimsy, but one of the few things we know is that Mary used to get letters from her brother, Johnto/Jonto. I just can't get past the possibility that this is a misspelling or Anglicisation of 'Ianto', which is Welsh for John.

    An Irish family would surely not name or nickname their child with a very traditional Welsh name?

    I feel like perhaps Mary had one Irish parent, or Irish grandparents (or further back!), and has used that heritage as the foundations of the very elaborate backstory we now 'know'.

    In short, I think Ireland is a dead end. I feel like it's more likely that Mary was born in Wales to the descendants of an Irish family.

    All immaterial, because I honestly doubt that the names Kelly or Davies bear any relation to her real name, and I don't think it'll make her any easier to trace. Just a thought, really.

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    Below is a post from 9/5/2017.
    The family tree is research by our very own "Paddy".
    Most bases are filled , John Two, Fair Emma,etc.
    Mary Ann Kelly was baptized at St. Leonard's Church where Henry Gawen Sutton was Vestry Board Medical Officer during her childhood.
    It is the same Church/Town Hall where her Inquest was held and her body stored.

    Reckon this is our Mary Kelly.

    Turned up in the 1881 Census being treated for VD.

    Oldest brother,Jno, married Louisa and lived in Turville Street during the 1881 Census.
    Old Nichol.

    Think a lot of Peartree Court slum was torn down and rebuilt early 1880s.

    Mary A Kelly
    England and Wales Census, 1861
    Name Mary A Kelly
    County London, Middlesex
    Event Type Census
    Event Date 1861
    Event Place St Leonard Shoreditch, London, Middlesex, England
    Ecclesiastical Parish St Leonard Shoreditch
    Registration District Shoreditch
    Residence Note Pear Tree Court
    Gender Female
    Age 2
    Relationship to Head of Household Daughter
    Birth Year (Estimated) 1859
    Birthplace Shoreditch, Middlesex
    Page Number 11
    Registration Number RG09
    Piece/Folio 235 / 66
    Affiliate Record Type Household




    John Kelly Head M 43 Bishopsgate, Middlesex
    Emma Kelly Wife F 42 St Luke, Middlesex
    John Kelly Son M 22 Shoreditch, Middlesex
    James Kelly Son M 19 Shoreditch, Middlesex
    Edward Kelly Son M 16 Shoreditch, Middlesex
    Henry Kelly Son M 12 Shoreditch, Middlesex
    Emma Kelly Daughter F 7 Shoreditch, Middlesex
    Mary A Kelly Daughter F 2 Shoreditch, Middlesex
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