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Other "victims"?

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  • Rosella
    The Yorkshire Ripper was later caught however, so the victims who survived/escaped his attacks were able to eventually identify him. With Jack we don't know who he was and any knife attacks on women could have been him or maybe some other individual.

    In the lead up to the autumn of terror in Whitechapel there were two known cases. You know about Annie Millwood who lived in White's Row, Spitalfields, I suppose. In February 1888 she was admitted to the Whitechapel Workhouse Infirmary suffering from numerous stab wounds to the legs and lower part of the body. She said she had been attacked by a male stranger with a clasp knife. This attack was not witnessed. Annie recovered from her wounds but in March suddenly died from natural causes. This attack took place at a weekend and Annie, a widow, may have been supporting herself by prostitution

    Ada Wilson, a dressmaker/machinist lived at Mile End. At about 12:30am on the night of 27/28th March 1888 she was about to go to bed when she answered a knock at her front door. She was confronted by a stranger who demanded money. When she didn't give him any he drew a clasp knife and stabbed her twice in the throat. Her screams drew help and the man fled. He was said to be about thirty with a sunburned face and fair moustache. He was wearing a dark coat and wideawake hat. Other tenants in the house believed that the man had been inside the house, and in fact Ada may have been a prostitute. She recovered. This seems to have been either a quarrel over money or a botched robbery.

    Neither of these murders seem Ripper-like, though of course Jack had not yet started on his killing spree and these might have been first vain attempts.

    During the summer and autumn of 1888 several men seemed to have found it amusing to sidle up to women in darkened streets and show concealed knives or make frightening and sinister remarks, like inviting them up alleyways. These were reported in the Press. However I don't know of any woman in those months who was caught in a dark alley or court with a man who produced a knife, was about to strangle her and she managed to escape.
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  • PC2267
    started a topic Other "victims"?

    Other "victims"?

    As I'm sure everyone on the forum is well aware. The Ripper case and `his` victims are well documented. He appears to have, done the deed and any follow actions without making any noise or leaving any clues (that we know of) and disappeared into the night like a phantom.

    I'm curious to know whether there are any other `victims`, where perhaps he was disturbed and the victim managed to escape somehow. Are there any cases that were reported to the police? More academic would be cases that for whatever reason weren't reported to the police? The Yorkshire Ripper had some of his victims escape so why not Jack?

    What were the circs of this incidents and were they followed up by the police?