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    Hey Sleek, love your (season's) greetings. I just learned what a wee dram is, and I'm partial. As for no internet 'til Monday, my email software stopped working a little while ago (while I was emailing Lynn), and gave me a good scare, but after a re-start and some cleanup, it's all gravy. As my poor iBook's over 3 years old and frequently complains about a too loaded HD, it's always in the back of my mind than someday – it might happen. Last time it happened (last year in Paris) I was crying like a baby – publicly. Which might have been a first. A computer crash is truly traumatic. (Obviously not as bad as a serious car crash though, not in a million years. A crash from a 15 feet halfpipe coping? I like. The one that can hurt you is a quarterpipe, but a quarterpipe's one of my favorite objects in the world.)
    And a solemn promise: no more highjackings.
    Best regards,


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      Originally posted by lynn cates View Post
      Right now she is translating a few want ads for me from the AF--you never know.
      Lynn, we're talking ads from your Dec. 14, 1888 issue here, if I understand this correctly, right?
      (Lynn, can you imagine an add going like this: “Witness wanted. Jewish, theatrical appearance, and serious lack of skills in English required. Additional work, food, and lodgings at the IWEC provided.“)
      Best regards,


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        In Kazakhstan we're doing mock haggis. It's a finely meshed, old Russian nylon stocking filled with ground Steppe horse hooves, sheep testicles, and stale bread and eggs to kind of 'pudding' it all together. By adding a ton of pepper, cloves, and salt, it tastes exactly like haggis. We do have tatties here, but use beets in place of neaps. Still, it's all the same coming out, ain't it?



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          Is one supposed to also eat the nylon stocking? I like the stale eggs touch, or maybe stale refers only to bread.
          As for the animals' body parts, in Paris they serve pig's hooves (pied de cochon) and veal's head (tęte de veau). The latter I've managed to avoid seeing, esp. when eating.
          Maybe Lynn should start a separate thread about haggis, but at any rate it's himself who highjacked his own thread, plus, it was during his national Scottish Day (well, in anticipation).
          Best regards,


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            Hello Maria. Yes, the want ads from that paper. There may be something of interest.

            Nice touch with Schwartz.



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              Hello All. Here are the final want ads.


              [P. 4, col. 3]
              Good Fine
              Turkish Tobacco
              [along side] Come buy
              Try samples
              Since we have now gotten a large amount of
              tobacco very inexpensively, we cam sell it less
              expensively that all the other Turkish Manufacturers in England.
              We sell Turkish tobacco for 4/- to 15/- a pound.
              We supply our customers with all sorts of printers’ papers,
              labels and boxes
              At cost.
              We produce a large stock of cigarettes, brilliants and cigars—the largest
              manufacturer of Turkish tobacco in all of England.
              Drapkin & Millhoff
              24 Aldgate, E. C.
              [Along right side] Corn’s Kosher Restaurant
              19 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London
              [Along left side] J. Corn, 19 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, E
              [In the center box]
              Whoever wants the best food at the least expensive prices in London,
              Whoever wants to read Russian, Rumanian, Austrian and all the London newspapers,
              Whoever likes to play billiards,
              Whoever wants to be in the nicest place,
              Should go to J. Corn
              The London
              Material Cutters Workers’ Company
              Is having a general banquet for
              All hand tailoring work
              For wages
              The corporation is not looking to make a profit. It only wants to get the wages that a worker earns in a sweatshop. The profit remains with the one who orders the work. The best work is done in a clean and _________ place. The corporation produces the best tailoring work. All orders are accepted
              At S. Goldman, 130 Rothschild’s Building Commercial St.
              London Bona-fide Tailors Company
              130 Rothschild’s Buildings, Commercial Street, E
              I ask every friend of humanity, if he meets a man named Khonon Veits, a tailor from Shvintson, approximately 27 years of age ,of medium height with a round face, small black eyes, black-gray hair and mustache, one shoulder [?] higher than the other—please let me know and do a great, good deed.
              Morris Hacker 11, Pelham Sr., Spitalfields, London
              Lessons in English—Terms moderate,
              Apply A. B. Office of “Worker’s Friend.”
              Socialist Literature
              The following brochure, “The Socialist Library in Yiddish-German
              Can be bought in the Expedition and at the “Workers’ Friend” agency.
              “What One Lives On” 2 1/1 pennies
              “Uncle Lovrov and the Jewish Worker” price: 1 penny
              “The Debate” two volumes, price in London 2 pence
              in the provinces 3 pence; in America 6 cents
              “The Haggadah” in a new edition, price 2 pence with postage 2 1/2 p.
              “Lamentations, or Complaint Songs of Workers,” price 1 penny.
              “G-d’s Festival” price one penny
              “Lopatin’s Life History” and “The Suing of 21 Nihilists in Petersburg,”
              price 2 pence with postage 2 1/2 p.
              Agents receive the usual discount
              The New York Jewish Folks Newspaper
              A weekly workers’ paper price: 2 ˝ pence
              To get this from the London agent [contact] M. Weidenfield
              51, Christian St. Commercial Rd., London, E
              The “Worker’s Friend” Printing Office


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                Hello All. Who was that Khonon Veits character? Why would doing something for him make one a friend of humanity? Down and outter?



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                  thank you so much for posting the ads as well.
                  I don't guess that the Khonon Veits ad is simply a missing person thing? Have you perhaps tried looking up the person who put the ad (Morris Hacker at 11, Pelham Street, Spitalfields, London) in a census? Could it be that this Morris Hacker dude put the add in name of Khonon Veits' family, acting as a PI? “Friend of humanity“ sounds like a generic turn of the phrase.
                  Lynn, any idea of if the N.Y. Public Library carries The New York Jewish folks' newspaper? Ever had a look through this newspaper yourself?
                  (Lots of questions, I know.)
                  Thank you, with apologies.
                  Best regards,


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                    Hello Maria. Possibly a missing person; possibly a beggar.

                    No, I haven't checked Hacker yet.

                    The paper you name sounds interesting. I must give it a go.



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                      Originally posted by lynn cates View Post
                      The paper you name sounds interesting. I must give it a go.
                      Hello Lynn. It's the AF ad naming the NY Jewish paper, not me.
                      I've got an idea about something, I'm about to email you.
                      Best regards,


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                        Courtesy of Lynn, here is the next instalment of the Arbeter Fraint translations. I believe this is from the 12 October 1888 issue (subject to Lynn's confirmation), and is a translation of the first page only.

                        (In the first paragraph, "White Plains" should be Whitechapel, I think, and of course "East Side" is American for "East End.")

                        [Col. 1]

                        Wolves in Sheep Skins

                        In the previous issue of W. F. [“Worker’s Friend” - Trans.] there was a full account of the recent, horrible murders in White Plains, which cause such a terrific commotion, one can say, in the whole “civilized” world. Now, however, we deem it necessary to draw several conclusions from these most tragic and cruel stories.

                        The six murders of unfortunate street women [Prostitutes. - Trans.] in East London, which were committed by one or several murderers or madmen, nevertheless, show how suspicious and cruel today’s society is. However in a society in which there is a constant war for survival, a general struggle in which the weak, the unfortunate and the honest [people] fall and are mercilessly trampled upon like worms, only in a society of swindling, thieving and robbing sanctioned by law, in a society in which unfortunate women are forced to sell their bodies and the workers, who have been robbed, [sell] the only thing they possess: their ability to work—[only] in such a society can such cruel murderers be nurtured and developed, [murderers] and all kinds of scoundrels that we see these days.

                        But it is not about this that I want to speak [sic] in this article. The main thing I want to point out here is the heartless ________, the great corruption and baseness of the ruling thieving class, which is itself guilty in all the murders, robberies and the desecration of our time, as well as all the problems and suffering of the working class. Oh, they are clever, these “fine” people, these masters! As long as these poor female streetwalkers die out quietly of consumption and syphilis, so long as the unfortunate workers (male and female) die quietly from hunger, loneliness and diseases (which are, for the most part caused by poverty and hardship), they remain silent, these benevolent lords; but as soon as these lonely and debased people, who become stepchildren of nature because a small gang of bloodsuckers have grabbed up everything on earth, begin to take revenge on the unjust and inhumane society by frequent stealing, robbing and murdering as well as through epidemic diseases and blights—then one hears a great, general lamenting of all the “high and mighty” folk: they complain about the depravity and corruption of the poor [and] the disgrace of prostitution. They suggest cold-hearted cures to improve the lonely condition of the unfortunates and, finally, with great pomp, they give several pennies to charity.

                        The strange murder on the East Side caused this kind of lamenting. The capitalist newspapers do not even know how to express their horror at these cruel killings, and all the capitalist do-gooders are crying. . .crocodile tears. Each one of them is searching for something to say, something to suggest, to advise; this one screams about prostitution, the other one describes the lonely dwelling places of the destitute on the East Side, the third one demands the destruction of the truly terrible lodging houses, where the unfortunate homeless can, for several pence, spend the night; the fourth insists that religion among people should be strengthened, and the, finally, the wealthy offer a monetary reward for anyone who can deliver the murderer into the hands of the police, who have completely lost their heads and who are being insulted from all sides. In a word, all the exploiters and their slaves: the newspaper reporters speak and shout about

                        [Col. 2]

                        their good heart all over the world and desire to show their sympathy and good-heartedness to the poor, but none of them mention even a word about the cause of all the problems and suffering of these people, such as: private property, exploitation, military costs and other such “trivialities.”

                        But tell me, you fine, good-hearted people, what is it that happened here about which you are making such a commotion? One mad murderer killed 6 women. But aren’t there much greater and more horrific slaughters every day, and you do not even make a peep?

                        Tell me, why didn’t you even open your mouths when on the 11th of last November 5 innocent men were hanged and 3 were buried alive after being arrested for their too great devotion to their people? Why did you remain silent, when not long ago the gendarmes beat and wounded with their swords the poor women from Alasak [sp?] (France), who asked for work and bread for their children? Why are you silent now, when the soldiers and police beat and chase away the strikers from the mines near Saint Etienne in France? Why aren’t you shouting when hundreds of miners are buried in their deep mines, because the companies don’t fortify the mine vaults and other structures so that they can save money? Aren’t these powerful companies directly responsible for those mass murders and aren’t these murders much more horrific and cruel that the 6 murders in Whitechapel?

                        Now the English capitalists and the government gangs are slaughtering thousands of innocent people in Tibet (Central Asia), just as they did before in India in order to stuff their pockets with even more money—what aren’t you protesting against that, you good-hearted lords? Similar massacres are being committed now in Italy and Masova, the Germans near Zanzibar, the French in Tankin, and Tunis and even in Algiers—and all these “fine” people are rubbing their hands together and even want to convince the common man that with these horrific acts of bloodshed they are spreading “civilization”! Now the famous Stanley is making a path with fire and sword through Central Africa, so that the capitalists might have another market in which to sell their wares. Thousands of blacks are being slaughtered, nor are the Europeans being protected. Nevertheless, these lords are sending new expeditions to help Stanley, who is already dead, just like his adjutant, Bartelo, who was murdered by his own soldiers for his terrible cruelty and tyranny. They are representing this vile action as something noble and useful for all humanity!

                        Oh, those hypocrites! They know only too well what the truth is and strive only to dazzle the eyes of the [common] people. What questions, what “whys” we would ask them without end. Whole books could even be written. For our readers, however, we believe that those asked here are also sufficient, and the goodhearted masters respond to these questions with silence and shrug their shoulders.

                        And what should they answer, when then know full well that the correct response to these questions is their self-destruction, the destruction of the whole system of today’s society that allows them to become rich from the workers’ toil and to subjugate the people? Yes, all of these murders and disgraceful acts, large or small, [committed] openly or secretly, lawfully or unlawfully—all of this cannot stop and disappear until there will no longer be any

                        [Col. 3]

                        slaves. When all people in the world will be equal brothers, when human society will actually be humane, based on true freedom, equality and fraternity.

                        But that you most certainly do not want, you “goodhearted” scoundrels, who desire only to confuse the minds with empty shouts and hypocritical shenanigans. You think that you will always be able to ride on the backs of the people with impunity, but the time of the people’s enlightenment is approaching at a terribly fast pace. The workers are waking up and are throwing off the blinders that you have placed on their eyes—and your dark and bitter end is nigh. Your lies, your arrogance and thieving tricks will not help you: the people are beginning to see everything more clearly and more plainly—that you yourselves are the only reason for their troubles and suffering, you “fine” people, you “good hearted philanthropists.”

                        P. Krants


                        Our Notebook

                        In France, they have now begun [to bother] foreigners. The reason for this is the political situation in which the French republic now finds itself. The clouds of war that are becoming ever thicker, are now, for the most part, hovering over France and it is now in danger of having the storm break out over it. The war exchanges in all countries are now proceeding with more zeal and speed, and we can expect the European dance of blood between the nations to break out at any moment. All the crowned animals see the French republic as the main goal of this war. It is like a bone in their throat. They want to destroy it and replace it with a monarchy, because the French freethinking and revolutionary people are doing them great harm, because it serves all people as a working example.

                        The main leader and goad against France is, naturally, Bismarck. He has already been successful in inciting Italy, which let itself be convinced that it will get back from France that which it once lost. Then comes Belgium, which always stood on a friendly footing with France.

                        This small, neutral country has now made a treaty with Germany, or even worse, it has completely capitulated, since it has officially promised Germany that in the case of war with France, it will permit the German Army to traverse the whole land. And the weakest and least fortified side of France is its north side, the border [it shares] with Belgium.

                        In addition, German spies are now swarming in France. They spy throughout the land despite war condition, fortifications, borders and so on. This, naturally, is the worst thing, forced the French government to take strong measures to exterminate this scourge. That is why the laws against foreigners were now instituted. Of course, this is not shown directly, but they now demand that every foreigner show his papers. And the French government and foreigner’s government get involved with the person who has no papers and cannot get papers, for example a political emigrant. He then is threatened

                        [to be continued]


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                          Many thanks to Lynn Cates for yet another AF translation and a most generous, important contribution to Ripperology.
                          Lynn, can I email you about some research? I've been on the road, then participating in a pretty intense conference in the last couple weeks.
                          Best regards,


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                            Hello Chris. Thanks for posting this. I am on the fly and completely swamped with work (right now I am on office hours).

                            Thanks also for obtaining the originals.



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                              Hello Maria. Certainly. Reply might be a bit tardy. Sorry.



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                                Thank you so very much again, Lynn.
                                Late tonight or late tomorrow I might have some results for you. Please reply whenever you have a minute, as late as you wish.
                                (PS.: I've just participated in a real nice conference organized by Oxford here in Athens. And I've got your Rocker along, but STILL haven't managed to properly read it, due to additionnal stress with several other matters.)
                                Best regards,