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The Bloody Piece of Apron (Recovered)

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  • Originally posted by Trevor Marriott View Post

    The medical evidence indicates some internal organs were punctured by the point of a knife, yes, as the killer removed organs he accidentally cut the liver with the point of his knife. There is no evidence to support the idea the killer stabbed her body through her clothing.

    There is a difference between cutting/slicing, and puncturing, and you dont know he accidentally cut the liver, the doctors states the liver was stabbed through, thats not cutting is it?

    If you want to know what Dr Brown told the inquest, I'll quote from the inquest papers.
    After describing the initial incision at the sternum, he talks about the liver...

    "Behind this the liver was stabbed as if by the point of a sharp instrument...."

    So, not stabbed through as you seem to think.

    "Below this was another incision into the liver of about 2 1/2 inches, and below this the left lobe of the liver was slit through by a vertical cut"

    This is the damage done to the liver by the slice downwards opening up her abdomen.

    Her skirts have slices, cuts near the waist bad, once again, produced by him cutting into her abdomen through the skirts.

    But he would not have needed to cut through her skirts if he had lifted them up because the abdomen and the lower part would have already been exposed

    She wore skirts, not dresses. Skirts fit at the waist, if you turn her skirt up her chest is still covered - why do you struggle to grasp this?

    If a person is lying flat on the ground facing up, and you stab that person through their clothing and draw the knife down or across, you will make a cut in that clothing the length of whatever distance you draw the knife, and if she had been wearing an apron then that would also have had the same cuts to it

    “Chintz Skirt” – three flounces, brown button on waistband, jagged cut six inches long from waistband, left side of front, edges slightly bloodstained, also blood on bottom, front and back of skirt “Brown Linsey Dress Bodice – black velvet collar, brown metal buttons down front, blood inside and outside of back of neck of shoulders, clean cut bottom of left side, five inches long from right to left.

    “Grey Stuff Petticoat – white waistband cut one and a half inches long, thereon in front edges blood stained, blood stains at front and bottom of petticoat.

    “Very Old Green Alpaca Skirt – jagged cut ten and a half inches long, through waistband downwards, blood stained inside front undercut.

    “Very Old Ragged Blue Skirt – red flounce, light twill lining, jagged cut ten and a half inches long, through waistband downwards, blood stained inside, outside back and front.

    There are 2 different sets of cuts which match up.
    Yes, these are the skirts which were cut through after they were turned upside down.

    There was a stab wound to the groin, the pic clearly show that the knife was drawn down after she was stabbed so that goes a long way to suggest that sh was stabbed thorugh her clothing, there would have been no need for the killer to inflict a wound to that part of the body after pulling the clothes up and targetting the abdomen.[/B]
    The stab to her groin was 1", there were no 1" holes in any of her clothing noted by Collard or Dr. Brown.

    Regards, Jon S.