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Kate Eddowes departure from the police station in Bishopgate street

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  • Kate Eddowes departure from the police station in Bishopgate street

    Hi Paula

    Originally posted by Paula Thomas View Post
    It is also important to remember that the info may be just wrong! Even today many people confuse left and right (including my father who certainly isn't stupid!! but is left handed). We don''t know the layout of the station, many Police Stations, today and then, have several entrances and Eddowes may have left from the back which would necessitate turning left then right into Woodgate Street.

    From the inquest of Catherine Eddowes.

    PC George Henry Hutt

    I found the deceased sober, and after she had given her name and address, she was allowed to leave. I pushed open the swing-door leading to the passage, and said, "This way, missus." She passed along the passage to the outer door. I said to her, "Please, pull it to." She replied, "All right. Good night, old ****." (Laughter.) She pulled the door to within a foot of being close, and I saw her turn to the left.
    The Coroner: That was leading towards Houndsditch? - Yes.

    If you look at Rob's Plan you will see that there is no provision for a left departure in the direction of Houndsditch other than from one of the front doors that opened onto Bishopgate street. I suspected as much.

    all the best


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    in regard to this point if they had got there lefts/rights confused,could this explain 'the missing half hour'(took her longer to get to mitre square) after CE was released from the station to being sighted in Mitre Square,or is there a better explanation?

    I am new to this so sorry if there is a far simpiler answer,like CE was still drunk and was just wandering around


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      Hi dixon9

      As you say, Eddowes was still drunk and wandering around, or perhaps she stood or sat in a doorway while it rained. She may have wandered past Mitre Sq and St Botolph`s, met her killer and gone back to Mitre Sq. We can only guess now.
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        thanks jon

        as said am new to this,and thanks for reply


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          No problem. I forgot to mention that whilst she was in the cell she was asking what time it was, and mentioned that she would get a damned fine hiding off her man. At the time of her release at 1.00, she would not have had much time left to find somewhere to sleep. Knowing that her man John Kelly was waiting for her to bring some money back from her supposed visit to her daughter her plan may have been to turn a trick before returning at 02.00 to her usual lodging house with enough money to cover her bed at least.
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            Originally posted by Jon Guy View Post
            ... perhaps she stood or sat in a doorway while it rained.
            This is my favoured explanation for the "missing half hour", Jon.
            Kind regards, Sam Flynn

            "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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              Y'know, for someone without a real work schedule, and given the often rainy early mornings in London, this could explain many time delays in any era, with anyone who is an unfortunate.




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                I read somewhere..

                That the Autumn of 1888 was particularly wet and inclement, with unseasonably low temperatures. You only have to look around you when it suddenly starts to rain heavily to see that many people dive for cover.

                I'm sure it was the same then.

                Best wishes

                Jane x


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                  She might 'ave been giving the dog a bone?