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Two knives, two people?

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    If the murderer of MT was Jack the Ripper he was clearly able to keep his rage under control at least when approaching the next of his victims. It's not like any of them were pounced upon out of the dark. The rage came out once they were subdued, like a sleeping MT????

    He was clearly able to refrain from any emotional display throughout each and every attack, including of course Tabram.

    His personal element relies on the strategy devised concerning dates (the time cycle)/locations of attack (linked with the decoy of antisemitism in the Double event) and the persona he created for his communique (Lusk letter).

    The mutilations per se, and the gradual build-up, was probably not his idea (at least not alone), but he carried it out with discipline and sticking to the plan.

    Concerning the post-mortem carnage, when they were "subdued", it was not rage that guided the mutilations but total lackof. He didnt spray the walls of MJK with blood, no mess was created, the scenes were so clinical alebit the harrowing displays and antics that people thought bodies were killed elsewhere , then moved at their places of discovery.

    The deranged nature of the man is not in some rage-triggering aspect (or when/how it would start and stop), but on the opposite: his total lack of emotion, probably suffering from complete lack of empathy for anything remotely human or even material. If he was ever interrogated, he would probably give short, elusive, unemotional answers, never betraying the cause (parties) he represented/defended, with a thinly visible self-righteousness of a Raskolnikov.