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The Manchester Murders

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    Originally posted by Abby Normal View Post

    agree harry. what barret probably didn't realize was that murder was VERY rare back then and that more likely than not it would have been all over the news. surely if there was a murder in Manchester at the time it would be recorded. another reason the diary is an obvious fake.
    Wow. Abby, are you sure that you can back that claim up ("that murder was VERY rare back then")? It feels instinctively unlikely to me.


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      Originally posted by Trapperologist View Post
      I still don't see why "Manchester" excludes "Bolton" or "Farnworth". Wasn't his brother living in Moss Side? Isn't that presumably where he would have gone? So why doesn't he say "Moss Side"? Or it was "cold and wet" in "Moss Side"?
      Perhaps because "Moss Side" has the feel of a district, even down to its very name. Bolton was, and remains, very much a town in its own right, and has even applied for city status.

      I've never heard or met anyone say they're from Moss Side, but I've heard (and met) plenty of people who declare that they hail from Rochdale, Salford and Bolton. The latter three even have reasonably high profile rugby and football teams, but I've not heard of any such sporting "ambassadors" in Farnworth and Moss Side.
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        Thanks, Sam. That makes for a decent debunk if this suspicious death was in Bolton proper and the murder was specifically stated to be “in Manchester”. But the suspicious death was in Farnworth and I only see the murder as being in conjunction with a visit to Manchester. I know we all say “Manchester Murder” but I don’t really see that in the text.


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          This article belongs here about a suspected murder trial. Jane Hodgson aged 42 mother of six found dead of suffocation (presumed drowned) in Horwich (a cotton mill town) near Manchester on 14th April 1888. Lodger was accused of her murder after an all day pub crawl. She was found suffocated face down in water at the bottom of a ravine with her shawl folded unusually. The profile of the deceased certainly fits the profile of at least 4 of the 5 C5 victims with the exception she was not a known prostitute, but to another eye may have appeared so. Not a smoking a gun, but very very mysterious.

          The article is too big to upload here for full clarity. Alternatively visit the British Newspaper Archive Website and look for the Manchester Courier July 21st 1888 edition (page 6).

          Click image for larger version  Name:	fetch?id=737218&d=1594324496.jpg Views:	0 Size:	170.6 KB ID:	737259
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            Some other interesting deaths attributed as either "suffoctaion" or "suicide" in and around Manchester around these times that could be of inetrest to people:

            Elizabeth Cadman found in the canal, assumed suicide and drowned at Reddish near Stockport (5.5 miles from Manchester). She was heard screaming "Oh Jim". An acquinatnce was called James but he had an alibi.
            //Manchester Courier (Sat 18th Feb 1888 - p12)//

            Click image for larger version

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            Mary Ann Ferguson (19) seamstress date of death unknown. Location of body found unknown. Cause of death suffocation. Lived with her mother at 15 Black-ditch, Cross-lane, Salford (2 miles of Manchester).
            //Manchester Courier (Sat 7th April 1888 - p14)//

            Click image for larger version

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            "When the legend becomes fact... print the legend"
            - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)