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  • As you may all know now, Orsam has puplished a very interesting article called "News From Liverpool" which adds further insight about the "Aunt' wrong reference in the faked diary.

    Yesterday I posted a link to that article, but it was somehow deleted.

    I would like to ask the Admin if we still allowed to post links to his articles on this website, as Menges previously allowed, or if there are now new rules here we dont know of.

    Please clarify.

    The Baron


    • If you would like to ask the Admin something, then you ought to send an email or a Private Message to Admin, shouldn't you? But you weren't really wanting to ask the Admin anything were you? You wanted to make a public scene. I adore a good scene.

      To clarify as you asked: "Menges" didn't delete your post. That was my mistake, yesterday when I was doing some pruning on the website and apparently, accidentally selected your post. There weren't any rules about posting links to Orsam's website yesterday, but because I am punitive, and because of his bitchy little post today, and because I found the manner and the tone of your post objectionable, there will be now.

      I checked through the email copies I get sent of the posts to find what you were talking about. It wasn't a post discussing anything of relevancy. Just basically advertising, for Orsam. No discussion, nothing relevant. Just carrying his water. For him. On a site he's banned on. And now you're making a scene on his behalf.

      So yes, now there's a rule. Don't promote Orsam's site on this site. Don't link to his nonsense.

      And in the future, if anyone has a problem with a decision they think the moderator has made, then take it to me in private, and don't attempt to make a drama out of it. Because once again, it wasn't "Menges" who deleted your post, it was my mistake and I would have been happy to have clarified that with an apology as I've done many, MANY times before when I made a whoops.

      Had it been handled differently that is.