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One Incontrovertible, Unequivocal, Undeniable Fact Which Refutes the Diary

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  • Originally posted by Iconoclast View Post
    we would simply turn to the previous provenance and see in that the answer to why Michael Barrett turned-up with James Maybrick's record of his dastardly deeds back in 1888 in 1991
    Oh no doubt you will, Ike, but by turn, I suspect you mean return.

    The thing is, after having so unceremoniously kicked Anne to the curb to engage in a five-year fling with Fat Eddie, will she have you back?

    And would any sensible member of the public look at this remarkable reunion with anything other than hilarity and amazement?

    What would be the new explanation be for why Anne Graham typed a set of bogus research notes for Mike's benefit? Come to think of it, what is the explanation now?

    Presumably, she must have known that Barrett was a receiver of stolen goods, thus she had to backdate Mike's non-existent research to a time that she knew was false in case Eddie Lyons ever dropped her and Mike in it?" Isn't that how it supposedly goes?

    'Transfering all my notes since August 1991'...

    No, Ike, those bogus notes alone show that that ship has sailed.

    Maybe one or two of you could go limping back to Anne, with profound apologies for having so publicly strayed, but most of you have jumped ship and there is no going back, or at least not with your dignity intact.
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    • Bye Mrs, I Am Jack.

      Is a perfect anagram of James Maybrick.

      Do I win a prize?


      • At a time of such national sadness, the following comment on The Mag (an unofficial Newcastle United website) made me smile. Perhaps it will do the same for you:

        From cockneytrev (presumably, given his username, a little lost) …

        On a foot note
        I’ve got milk in the fridge that’s seen,
        Two monarchs
        Two prime ministers
        And two Chelsea managers

        i think I’ve got that same milk in my fridge.

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