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Plausibility of Kosminski

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  • No, but your theorizing is brilliant! I love it.


    • Thank you Scott!

      A further possibility:

      Maybe, David Jacobs existed only in his (Kosminski) mind. Similar to the serialkiller William Heirens. In his mind there lived a George Murman. And the dog belonged to Aaron Kosminski. Aaron Kosminski was crazy enough to confuse everybody. Even still today...

      What do you think?


      • Originally posted by Natalie Severn View Post

        Did Jacob Cohen report this to the police?

        Its very strange that no other threat of violence at meal times for example was reported or an actual knife attack was reported, during all the years he spent in what were very liberal institutions for their time.

        Their reports, according to Martin Fido, contained many specific and detailed accounts of the very real, actual, violence of David Cohen for example-who did die shortly after admission.

        And by the way Aaron Kosminski was not 'caged in an asylum' far from it.

        They were desperate to get him out of his shell and working in their small community but he repeatedly refused .

        That is an important point - which I took the liberty of putting in bold - which proves that Anderson's suspect is fictional and not the historical Aaron Kosminski.