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Name who you think it was,please

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  • Name who you think it was,please

    Hi one and all!
    Can I ask members to name who they think JTR was and why in just a few sentences as I am curious to see who's name crops up most these days
    I'll start it off by saying that I change my suspect about every 6 months and every time I do I'm convinced that this time I have it right.At the moment,for me, it's George H,gawd know's who it will be this Christmas
    Oh for a time machine to go back to 1888 and lurk about Whitechapel and see who was JTR

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    Hi Steve,

    I believe JTR was, in fact, a nun - as in "nun of the above".
    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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      I'm with Sam.


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        Sam and Limehouse did it!!
        Regards Mike


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          I'm going for 'anonymous local nutter'.
          Roll up the lino, Mother. We're raising Behemoth tonight!


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            My summation is...someone never named as a suspect, though probably was interviewed at the time but flew under the police radar. Local man, knew the area, knew the women, crafty and sly. Probably died or was arrested for a none related crime soon after the murders. Went to his grave taking his secret with him.


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              I don't see any name yet as the thread asks.
              This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

              Stan Reid


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                Tricky to name someone anonymous...
                Roll up the lino, Mother. We're raising Behemoth tonight!


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                  ok ill give my ideas... (sneak preview for you david )

                  my thoughts are that a gang (as in group of locally-based criminals not a group of freemasons or the like, nor the common english organised gangs), probably former convicts, from eastern europe, who were settled in the area in one of the foreign-dominated areas (or possibly in different areas) were responsible for at least 3 of the killings, possibly stride as well.

                  my best guess as to who committed the dorset street murder at this point is fleming - the only name id even venture to put forward.

                  if mickey's a mouse, and pluto's a dog, whats goofy?


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                    Tabram - Fleming
                    Nichols - Fleming
                    Chapman - Fleming
                    Stride - Unknown perpetrator
                    Eddowes - Fleming
                    Kelly - Fleming

                    ...but I´ll pass on the question of how and why for now.

                    All the best,


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                      I'm hoping tha the guy who was supposedly buried in Chile is a goer - but i think that is wishful thinking (I would love to have a suspect of my very own). Unknown man who had spent a lot of time in the local area would probably be closer


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                        Probably a nobody. But could have been anybody.


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                          "But could have been anybody."

                          Hard to argue with that.



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                            I tend to go from theory to theory. I was onto Charles Cross a few weeks back but kinda still working on that one. My most recent theory was an expert abdominal surgeon at the London Hospital named Frederick Treves. He was an expert dissector who operated neatly and quickly, which the Ripper seems to be. But I am beginning to think that this suspect is a non starter though......


                            Best regards,

                            "They assumed Kelly was the last... they assumed wrong" - Me


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                              I plump for one of the Barnetts ie Joe. Dan, also Fleming enters the mix, i have recently started to consider that the actual killer of Tabram-Eddowes actually stopped after sept 30th, and Kelly was killed by one of the Barnetts in a fit of rage.
                              I appreciate that the following passage may be writers[ Harrison] fiction, but was not Joseph Barnett acclaimed to have said' I always felt sorry for her killer[ Mjk] as he could never come foreward for fear of being topped'.
                              Does this [ alleged] statement to a relative many years later imply guilt to either himself, or someone he knew.?
                              And did Gh attempt to alter the cause of justice ?
                              Regards Richard.