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John Pizer and his Constable alibi?

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    I wonder whether this Constables details are included, in the "lost documents"? I further wonder how many other Police officers took an active part in the Ripper case, but due to the disappearance of these documents have been lost and forgotten from history.


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      Whitechapel murders, a big deal. It's ludicrous to suggest that Pizer's story regarding the fire he witnessed in the company of a police officer wasn't checked out.


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        Originally posted by Observer View Post
        Whitechapel murders, a big deal. It's ludicrous to suggest that Pizer's story regarding the fire he witnessed in the company of a police officer wasn't checked out.
        Agreed, and Coroner Baxter confirmed this after Pizer had testified:

        Coroner] Did you sleep the night there? - Yes. At what time did you go in? - On the night of the London Dock fire I went in about two or a quarter-past. It was on the Friday morning.
        [Coroner] When did you leave the lodging-house? - At eleven a.m. on the same day. I saw on the placards, "Another Horrible Murder." Where were you before two o'clock on Friday morning? - At eleven p.m. on Thursday I had my supper at the Round House.
        [Coroner] Did you go out? - Yes, as far as the Seven Sisters-road, and then returned towards Highgate way, down the Holloway-road. Turning, I saw the reflection of a fire. Coming as far as the church in the Holloway-road I saw two constables and the lodging-housekeeper talking together. There might have been one or two constables, I cannot say which. I asked a constable where the fire was, and he said it was a long way off. I asked him where he thought it was, and he replied: "Down by the Albert Docks." It was then about half-past one, to the best of my recollection. I went as far as Highbury Railway Station on the same side of the way, returned, and then went into the lodging house.
        [Coroner] Did any one speak to you about being so late? - No: I paid the night watchman. I asked him if my bed was let, and he said: "They are let by eleven o'clock. You don't think they are to let to this hour." I paid him 4d for another bed. I stayed up smoking on the form of the kitchen, on the right hand side near the fireplace, and then went to bed.
        [Coroner] You got up at eleven o'clock? - Yes. The day man came, and told us to get up, as he wanted to make the bed. I got up and dressed, and went down into the kitchen.
        [Coroner] Is there anything else you want to say? - Nothing.
        [Coroner] When you said the West-end of town did you mean Holloway? - No; another lodging house in Peter-street, Westminster.
        The Coroner: It is only fair to say that the witness's statements can be corroborated.


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          Hi Jon

          As has already been said, the incident with the night watchman would have stuck in his mind. It's time to drop Pizer from the investigation. Also, if Albert Crossingham owned the building, he would not have been up at two o clock in the morning taking fourpence's off lodgers, that's for sure.


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            Originally posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
            Could be Debs, but he's not mentiined by name. And mostly the registered keepers didn't seem to live onsite, at least not overnight. So probably Piser was referring to a deputy or night watchman.
            Still, good find!
            Yes, JR, but the way I read it the incident didn't happen inside the lodging house. Pizer saw 'the lodging house keeper' talking to two PC's in the Holloway Road. Albert Crossingham and his family lived in the area also.
            ,,`,, Debs ,,`,,

            I am not DJA. He's called Dave.