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    Sorry, Robert, yes I did.
    It appears that Neddy Seagoon was my dad.


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      S.A. Meeks

      Originally posted by Cap'n Jack View Post
      No worries, Gloria, always glad to help out.
      Regarding 'Meeks'; was your South African family Presbyterian?
      There is an interesting case from around the LVP in South Africa - Meek V Meek - where a Meek attempts to plead his own insanity in court.
      I wonder what he did?
      Hi Cap'n

      Who knows what they were religionwise. It looks to me like in our overall family we have been everything, well almost.....

      How bizarre. Did you manage to read anything that would give you a clue about the case of Meek vs Meek? I'd be very interested as the S.A side of the Meek family has been a closed door to me. You'd think that I would have all the information, but I can find more going backwards.

      What does LVP stand for by the way?

      All the best,



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        Hi Robert, Yep, I have seen the ginger-bread house. Isnt it lovely? And thanks for the War Memorial details.



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          Hi Gloria

          LVP means Late Victorian Period.

          AP, what what what what what? I didn't know Neddie had been deaded.


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            Hi Gloria
            Sorryfor the delay but have been away.
            I am particularly interested in tracing the Flood branch of my family.
            My ancestor, Henry Kingsmill, refers to his "Cousin Flood" who was High Sheriff when he was Sub-sheriff, when Henry was resident near Borris-in-Ossory, co. Laois. I think that this may be the Flood from Middlemount, co. Leix, ca. 1780, referred to in the "Irish Midlands Ancestry: Parish of Aghaboe" website.
            There also several registrations in the land valuations in Middlemount or Ballyvoghlaun, co. Leix, for Edward Flood Esq. ca. 1837 - 1850.
            My Henry Kingsmill's grandmother was Mary Flood, who married Henry Kingsmill (snr), who was the daughter of Luke Flood who had married Mary Vicars.
            There appears to be two branches of the Flood family: one in Kilkenny, and one in co. Laois, and are likely related, as there was also a Francis Flood who was High Sheriff of Kilkenny in 1778, and given their occupation.
            I am also interested in tracing the origins of Police Const. 2213 Ernest Flood of the Victorian Police, the arch-nemesis of Ned Kelly, who traveled freely in 1862 aboard the Shalimar from Liverpool to Melbourne as a 19 year old, who I am informed as having originated from "Paulstown" Kilkenny. His parents were William Flood and Mary Doyle, according to his Victorian death registration of 1899. I am sure that he is connected, but just where I don't know!
            I was wondering if you may have had any more luck than I in tracing the family Flood?
            I have my "work in progress" family tree at
            Also, an old pedigree chart from Ireland in two parts:

            Any contribution would be greatly appreciated, if you have anything further on the Flood family.


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              For Gloria and Keith, if either of you are looking in, I managed to relocate the photograph of Mabel Jane Cutbush I mentioned earlier in the thread .

              Mabel Jane Cutbush was b c 1864, daughter of Horatio R Cutbush of Newspaper Proprietor, Maidstone. She was organiser and Commandant, Rosslyn Auxillary Hospital, Hampstead.
              London Gazette 2nd Supplement
              Date: 7 Jan. 1919 Document Reference: DEC. 8/221

              I still think she has a look of Edward Cutbush from the portrait posted by Keith, especially around the nose, eyebrows and mouth. I think she was caught on camera with her eyes half closed though!

              Photo source;
              Women at Work Collection, from the Imperial War Museum, London
              Section: Supplementary Material
              Heading: Press Cuttings: Hospital and Nurses - Red Cross
              Title: Rosslyn Lodge, Auxiliary Military Hospital, Hampstead: Photographs
              Date: 1917 Document Reference: SUPP. 28/40


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                Is this the newsagent that Thomas used to visit to buy his Croydon Advertiser;and who wrote to the Sun?
                Interestingly this Cutbush inherited through the Haynes side of the family.

                'Draft surrender, engrossed copy and warrant ACC/0351/433, 434, 435 1899

                William Cutbush of High Street, Highgate newspaper agent, to Edward Lyon Shelton of Manor House, Hornsey Solicitor and Amelia his wife.
                to enter satisfaction of mortgage.
                7 cottages as in ACC/0351/432.
                Remarks: In warrant Rev. G. S. Weston is described as of 117 London Road, St. Leonards on Sea, co. Sussex and W. B. Lofthouse as of Endcliffe, Caterham Valley. Co. Surrey, gent.'