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Evidence towards Joseph Barnett?

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    Anyone can check the past posted comments on any of the eight most recently-discussed topics and see that I have never commented on three of them and on one other (Bowden Endacott) the last time I commented was # 17, whereas the latest comment by anyone is # 30.

    They can also see that until I posted today, about an hour ago, I had not posted any comments for 18 hours.

    They might also think that someone ought to make comments relevant to the topic rather than personal and unfounded remarks about someone else.
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      How can he be playing cards if he is broke?

      Why, as a smoker didn't he go back to get his pipe so he could play cards smoking?

      Why didn't he give the rent owed to the landlord?

      How about telling the owner about the missing key?

      Is the leaving MJK story because she was returning to prostitution or because she took in prostitutes?

      Are they are drunks or not?

      Did he bring her fish and potatoes?

      He was at the scene of the crime in hours before the TOD.

      Those are the sorts of things that make me think about Barnett as being in the picture, especially because of his story.

      One thing that helped clear him is that he has no blood on his clothes. Yet clothes are burned in a fire next to the pipe he left behind. If she lets him leave a pipe behind without chasing it up, then maybe he left some clothes behind too. If you allow for the TOD to be off by a few hours, then Barnett works. However, you have to discount most of the MJK witnesses after that. Witnesses telling lies plus Barnett passing being identified by Lawende and Schwartz if that happened. It isn't really that hard to dismiss the witnesses as sensationalists and drunks and to allow for the TOD to be earlier. If you do that, Barnett looks really good and the overall explanation that he was murdering prostitutes to get MJK to stop is sort of an okay explanation but also requires that he is very sick and has a problem himself with prostitutes, a love/hate relationship, like he did with Kelly it seems.

      The big thing about JtR is that he was one of their own.
      Bona fide canonical and then some.