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  • Originally posted by jerryd View Post

    Again, in his signed statement, he says "I should say it was 4 or 5 weeks since they slept together at this house. They had been hopping."
    So, not 4 or 5 weeks ago, but 4 or 5 weeks since they slept together at 55, Flower and Dean. How does Mr. Wilkinson know they went hopping? All we know of the trip is from the words of John Kelly.
    Catherine and John went hopping together every year for 7 years. Wilkinson knew them over all that time and he would have know they usually go hopping around that time of year. He knew them well enough that he says he would have trusted them to pay for their bed later if they didn't have the money on them on the day/night. John stayed at the lodging house on the Saturday night of the murder. The chance of him and Wilkinson having a passing conversation about the poor hopping experience is highly possible.

    Originally posted by jerryd View Post

    In the end, the signed statement by Eliza Gold states she last saw them 3 or 4 weeks ago.

    Why would Eliza keep the fact she had in fact seen Kate 3 to 4 weeks prior, from her daughter, Annie Phillips. To add to that, why would Annie be looking for her mother the week of her murder when the entire family states they tried to avoid her at all cost.

    Daily News
    United Kingdom
    4 October 1888

    "She had two or three children by him. It's rather strange-one of them, the girl that's married, came to me last week and asked me if I had seen anything of her mother. She said it was a very long time since she had seen her; but it was a long time since I had, too, and I told her so. In fact I have not seen her much oftener than once or twice since she has been with Kelly, though we lived so close together. We were not on the best of terms."
    Eliza Gold could not write and only signed her statement with a cross mark while in a distressed state. She could have been signing a birthday card for Bob in the office and be none the wiser. The number of weeks was a cause for confusion during her evidence. It was conflated by the juryman then compounded by the coroner.

    Eliza wasn't asked about seeing Catherine's daughter and neither did she offer that information at the inquest. As such we can't know what her reasoning was to tell Annie she hadn't seen her mother. Annie is also not asked at the inquest about why she had been in Whitechapel and asked Eliza if she had seen Catherine just a few days before the murder. Again, it means we don't know why she was in the area or why she was asking about Catherine.