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  • Sorry, Al. I don't have any more recipes handy, I meant more "Possible Evidence found at the SOCs". I've got a BUNCH of those- some actually make sense.

    [Sorry for the delay in my response. I've been having Connection Problems for the last week.]
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    • Well, since soooo MANY people have asked for more (and I'm damned bored!), here's More Evidence Left Behind at the Murder Scenes:

      - ticket for passage on a cattle boat?
      - Warren's Shaft?
      - recipes for Kidney-and-Uterus Pie?
      - membership card for a club on Cleveland Street?
      - horse "muffins"?
      - 10 Bells?
      - a poll of nickels?
      - a broken clay pipe?
      - a dead fairy?
      - receipt for grapes at "Packer's Place for Fish'nChips & FineWine Check Cashing Emporium. We change your horseshoes while you wait. Pick-a-back rides for the Kiddies. Pizza License Pending."
      - a copy of "Grey's Anatomy: Special Kidney Edition" (with "Overdue" stamp)?
      - marriage certificate for a Victor Albert Prince & Ann Cook?
      - parking ticket for a carriage driven by a John Nettly?
      - blood-stained clothing with a laundry ticket from Batty St.?
      - grocery list including "remember milk for Hubby"
      - a ticket stub for "Our American Cousin", dated April 14, 1865?
      - a piece of cake with a note saying "Eat Me"?
      - feathers from a raven?
      - long red hairs, later found to be from a non-human primate?
      - a school tablet filled with random unconnected words, signed "Jamie Joyce, 1st Grade- Mr. Grant's Class"
      - bandages from an Egyptian mummy?
      - some Naugh(t)y-Hyde?
      - garlic or wolfsbane?
      - a mariphasa flower?
      - The Crystal Egg?
      - bill of sale for Carfax Abby?
      - The Picture of Dorian Kosminsky?
      - a ship's logbook, labeled "Mary Celeste, 1872"
      - a newspaper article dated 79 AD, reporting that Haimirich Tremainus refuses to leave the Mt. Vesuvius Lodge in spite of increasing Cyclops activity?
      - a granodiorite stele with "Go Cubs" written in 108 different languages, but each one crossed out?
      - an iceberg floating in the Thames with bits of paint on its side? ("Like it hit sumthin'...")
      - an old map, labeled "O. Island, Nova Scotia", with "Dig 110 ft. under X. IMPORTANT: Be sure to turn off spiget on beach BEFORE attempting to dig!!- signed, Willie the Kidd."
      - a print of London After Midnight?
      - that ball that the Babe hit out of the park that they never found?
      - that missing 18 minutes on the tape?
      - Comet P/03 Biela?
      - large footprints in the snow leading towards the Himalayas?
      - a cell phone from the 1910s?
      - a golden box with 2 winged monsters on the lid and broken pieces of stone inside?

      [Some these work on more than one level. Some are VERY anchronistic.]

      Have Fun!!
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      • Ok,

        A post it note saying "gone for a fight at Jim's, Dabulamanzi"

        I'm not going to link to it, or such....


        • A tram ticket, with "Mr Q, 7:30pm" in biro on the back.
          I'm not going to link to it, or such....


          • An envelope from Australia addressed to 'Cousin Monty'
            I'm not going to link to it, or such....


            • Originally posted by Al Bundy's Eyes View Post
              An envelope from Australia addressed to 'Cousin Monty'
              Well Monty had plenty of relatives in Australia anyway.
              G U T

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              • a red hanky with the initials GH on them
                "Is all that we see or seem
                but a dream within a dream?"

                -Edgar Allan Poe

                "...the man and the peaked cap he is said to have worn
                quite tallies with the descriptions I got of him."

                -Frederick G. Abberline


                • We don't know whether Annie owned all the items found around her, we assume she did. We don't have the luxury of having her possessions on hand already inventoried before death, as we do with Kate.
                  Michael Richards