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    Yes. Fortunately on the same day in 1887, the Phippses belatedly had baptisms done for two of their children. The second one was Sybil Grace, born 1880.


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      Have found a few more tantalizing pieces of information.....

      1888: 44 Prince's Block, Petticoat Square, Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Register of Freemen being liverymen from The British Library]

      This is curious as according to the baptism entry they were living at 5 King's Block in 1887 and then 1890: 5 King's Block, Artizans' Street. Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Electoral Register 1890 from The British Library]. So unless they moved out briefly perhaps? Prince's Block and King's Block are next to each other with Queen's Block between them.

      There's also this 1884: 20 Block B, Peabody Buildings, Whitechapel. Registered only under the name of Joseph Phipps (as opposed to Joseph Daniel Phipps) so it is not a definite that this is the correct entry [Electoral Register, St. Mary Whitechapel]. Not entirely sure about this information as there appears to be two Joseph PHIPPS living in Whitechapel in the 1881 census, so it's possible this is one of them?
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