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Where are the letters / envelopes currently

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  • Where are the letters / envelopes currently

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if any of the letters current whereabouts are known, specifically the envelope for them. I believe the original From Hell letter is in a private collection in Canada and another lesser know letter was sold for 22k a few years ago at auction.

    Does anyone know the whereabout of the Dear Boss / Saucy Jack letters of envelopes? Either thought I don't believe these were written by JtR they still could be of interest.

    Lastly, is anyone aware if the museum or police / archives have any letters supposedly written by Jack, specifically the envelopes?


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    The other letter I'm extremely interested about it's current whereabouts is the November 11th Mrs McCarthy letter. Does anyone know where it is?


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      Where did you hear about the location of the 'From Hell' letter? I was under the impression that the original letter was lost and the copy we see published is from an old photo. I know that the 'Saucy Jack' postcard disappeared from police records a few years after the murders and has never been recovered, however, the 'Dear Boss' letter did turn up in a private collection in 1987.

      The majority of letters associated with the case are either destroyed, lost or in hiding in private collections.