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  • Originally posted by tji View Post
    Thank you xxx

    Thing is, (and I know you will be embarrassed by all this but it has to be said) for EmaEm to say these things shows she is either jealous of you and your knowledge and research or she has never taken the time to get to know you because no-one who does know you would think these things otherwise.
    "Is all that we see or seem
    but a dream within a dream?"

    -Edgar Allan Poe

    "...the man and the peaked cap he is said to have worn
    quite tallies with the descriptions I got of him."

    -Frederick G. Abberline


    • Hi Debs

      =Debra A;360112]She didn't like my little joke to Rob about me scaring her away by being nice , is all
      Obviously she's very tired and emotional after spending all night and most of the day typing all her hysterical nonsense. She does it in several diferent places too, here, forums, you tube comments. The grandchildren she professes to have must be so proud.
      Ah right......well there you go, how dare you make a joke

      Thanks Tracy, xxx
      Oh congrats and bloody well done too, you! Wil pm you later.
      Thank you -it's been a long haul but fingers crossed finally getting somewhere xx
      It's not about what you's about what you can find out


      • For anyone still interested, I checked the actual statutes. There was no relevant legislation in 1887. There was, however, an 1868 Act called 'An Act to provide better Dwellings for Artizans and Labourers'; an 1875 Act, 'The Artizans and Labourers Dwellings Improvement Act'; an 1879 Act with the same title; an 1882 Act, 'The Artizans Dwellings Act', and an 1885 Act which amended the Artizans and Labourers Dwellings Improvement Acts - images for all of which I could provide if necessary - but I restrict myself to simply posting an image from the Housing of the Working Classes Act of 1890, of which the long title was 'An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts relating to Artizans and Labourers Dwellings and the Housing of the Working Classes'.

        I don't know why I bothered because the excerpt I posted yesterday from the Times newspaper of 1891 should have been sufficient to dispose of this point.
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        • I would say:

          Big Rough Ripper Boys =1 / Batshit Crazy Person =0

          But I stopped keeping score years ago.



          • I know the controversy's over, but this just had to see the light of day.

            Click image for larger version

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            • I say: keep 'em coming!


              • Originally posted by EmaEm View Post
                Yes, always tells me. I did not notice you standing beside me when this has happened, yet you know better. You get more ludicrous, childish and boring by each post and I will not be replying to any more of them as I have better things to do with my time.You have, of course, made a Royal show of yourself and obviously have time on your hands to play childish games. I do not. Now, if you had shown an ounce of wit, that might have been different.
                Still amused.

                I can understand your retreat. Being proven wrong is not easy to take. Add on to that the embarrassment of having ones proverbial ass kicked by someone who aint done much book learning or owt, I don't blame you for running and hiding.



                Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



                • I bet the Jones's were furious when they received that letter.

                  'How dare 'e call our kids annoyin'? The snooty bugger can't even spell artisans!'


                  • Originally posted by Monty View Post
                    Hello all,

                    With thanks to Stephen Ryder, our article entitled The Victims Photographs and some Wall Writing, which appeared in Ripperologist Issue 127 is now available on the Dissertations page for your reading.


                    With that, we leave you with THE photo of the Artizan Dwellings wall writing.


                    Neil & Rob
                    The central buildings are gone,however the North and South ones remain.

                    Artizan Street today is home to the Artizan Street Library.

                    Always wondered about these stupid spell checkers.
                    Dawned on me prolly the work of some demented AM.
                    Meh,whatever keeps 'em off the dole.


                    • Artians Dwellings right centre.
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                      • Gosh, there seems to have been an awful lot of snarling going on in this and other threads lately. Must be the Christmas season coming on!

                        Also, the question about posters having university degrees has raised its ugly head on the forum, as well. Does it really matter whether a person has a degree or not so long as they are prepared to discuss Jack here in a sensible and cordial way? After all, the Ripper probably didn't have one (a degree, I mean.)


                        • Originally posted by Rosella View Post
                          After all, the Ripper probably didn't have one (a degree, I mean.)
                          He had more than one.


                          • Wow some strange going on here.

                            Bully boy (as Cristned me EnaEm)
                            G U T

                            There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe that which is true.


                            • Originally posted by Monty View Post
                              Can you please clarify that?


                              Yes. When you have a historical source and you want to know something about it you depend on internal and external source criticism among other things.

                              So the source "in itself" has nothing to say.

                              You could read a little about it here if you are interested:


                              Regards Pierre
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                              • The handwriting match

                                But right now I am most interested in the handwriting match I happened to get here.

                                Most of the letters look so common in their style that I canīt say that the validity of an interpretation that he wrote them would be very high. Even though they are similar.

                                But some letters that are written in a more unusual style are a perfect match.