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    My Gt-Grandfather William YOUNG was a policeman for over 25 yrs, in the
    main guarding the main entrance of The British Museum, his wife Sarah (nee
    Ixer) bore him six children, five of which survived. Her youngest Ellen aka
    Nell b,1883 was brought up by an aunt due to Sarah's "Ilness" as it was
    Sarah aka "The Old Dutch" from "The Old Kent Rd" was a needlewoman or
    dressmaker who spent many years in Workhouses & Leavesden Asylum with an
    affliction akin to Alzheimers/Lunacy if family folklore is to be believed.
    She would disappear for hours or days at a time, returning home with a
    complete stranger in tow, many of whom were purported to be sailors or cab
    She died 1st June 1908 at Leavesden.
    Her husband William retired to his sister's place in Suffolk in 1893 & was
    killed falling from a speeding pony & trap in Nov 1901.
    My mother, an inveterate hoarder died in 2002, it has taken me 6 yrs to
    finally look at everything passed down to me. A large collection of books,
    many on witchcraft & victorian herbal remedies included a bible carrying an
    inscription dated 1887 by Henry Frowde, Oxford University Press Warehouse,
    Amen Corner.
    At the rear, between maps of Roman Empire & Travels of St Paul is a feint
    message in pencil which I have trancribed thus:
    "Dearest Will,
    Forgive me. You were right.
    Warren knew Netley tricked those poor souls for his physicke.
    I may be next. I should have done for him in the riots.
    Love to Nell
    Would you like a copy of the scan?

    P F Young

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    Sounds interesting Peter, please post a scan.
    Regards Mike


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      This does sound very interesting, and a scan would be great.


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        Originally posted by pmerryman View Post
        This does sound very interesting, and a scan would be great.
        filesize restriction noticed
        present scan at 400 dpi comes to 875 kb will have to rescan, I shall return...


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          Sarah Ixer and William Young

          Marriage 1868 Quarter 4
          Sarah Ixer 1868 Marylebone (1837-1901) London, Middlesex
          William Young 1868 Marylebone (1837-1901) London, Middlesex

          Sarah was the daughter of George Ixer, a millwright, and his wife Anne, both from Suffolk. Sarah is listed as born in Old Kent Road, Stepney
          In 1851 she is listed as 10 or 11 years old (entry is ambiguous), placing her birth about 1840.
          Her birth was registered in the last quarter of 1840 in Newington

          The couple are listed in 1881 as follows:
          19 Dyott Street, St Giles, London
          Head: William Young aged 38 born Ipswich - Police constable
          Wife: Sarah Young aged 38 born Middlesex
          William H aged 9
          Genry E aged 6
          Ada C aged 4
          Frank aged 1
          All born in Middlesex

          and in 1891:
          39 Burton Crescent, St Pancras, London
          Head: William Young aged 48 born Ipswich - Police constable
          Wife: Sarah Young aged 50 born Middlesex
          William H aged 19 - Plastc arts restorer
          Henry E aged 16 - Baker
          Ada C aged 14
          Frank aged 11
          Ellen aged 7
          All born in Middlesex

          William's death:
          Name: William Young
          Estimated Birth Year: abt 1842
          Year of Registration: 1901
          Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
          Age at Death: 59
          District: Ipswich
          County: Suffolk
          Volume: 4a
          Page: 557

          In the 1901 census William is listed as a boarder with George and Mary Giles at Whitton Street, Whitton, Suffolk.
          William Young aged 58 (Married) born Claydon, Suffolk - Retired policeman
          In 1901 Sarah is listed as follows:
          District St Pancras Workhouse
          Sarah Young (Widow) aged 60 born Old Kent Road - Dressmaker


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            Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by pmerryman View Post
            This does sound very interesting, and a scan would be great.
            How will this do?


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              Thanks Chris, have all that & much more, with a fellow genealogist policeman cousin in Ipswich, we have been collaborating on our tree for a good few years........Cheers, Peter.


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                Thanks for posting Peter, it is certainly very interesting and I am sure the other board members will have lots to say on it's contents and provenance.

                The only word that I am stuck on his "physicke"

                Could this mean physician as in Gull, someone who has already been discounted on account of the stroke he suffered some time earlier.

                Could it mean Psychic as in Robert Lees?
                Regards Mike


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                  Not sure myself Mike, have been transcribing burial records for BerksFHS for a few years now, had to mess about with contrast settings & zoom to get this far as my mince pies are on the way out...


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                    "Physicke" is an old spelling of "physic", itself an archaic word meaning simply "medicine". Hence the "Chelsea Physicke Garden", where medicinal herbs were grown and studied by apothecaries, now open to the public under the more modern spelling of the "Chelsea Physic Garden". For info, the North Welsh word for "medicine" is still "ffisig".
                    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

                    "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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                      Just been doing that too Gareth- basically if a Dr was known as such in the C16th C17th he was known as a Doctor of Physicke (spelt various) meaning someone who dealt with treatments or what would in these days called a 'prescription'. A Dr of Psychic was- even going back to Chaucer a man who knew his trade- aka Physicke- if you Google it - it's quite fun!
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                        Originally posted by Peter F Young View Post

                        How will this do?
                        Thanks for posting the scan. I'm sure there will be many people interested in your find.


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                          I first sent it to Roy Stockdill but it seems he was busy with the BBC and the 1911 census launch.


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                            Originally posted by Mike Covell View Post
                            Could this mean physician as in Gull, someone who has already been discounted on account of the stroke he suffered some time earlier.
                            Not discounted by Stephen Knight in "The Final Solution"
                            ie Slight Paralysis, Mild Stroke etc...


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                              Peter, Stephen Knight's book is full of errors and based on Joseph Gorman Sickert's alleged recollections and family history, which has been demolished as it does not tie in with the known facts.

                              Gull's alleged involvement in the series of murders is the stuff of ripper fantasy, See,
                              Alan Moore's From Hell!
                              Regards Mike