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Originally Posted by richardh View Post
Can see why the yellow arrowed window remained but why wasn't the red arrowd window not bricked up if the slope roof of #19 was built over it? I clearly hasn't been bricked up when the added the lean-to so what did this serve?
also, could this yellow arrowed 'window' give us a clue to the door position of the ORIGINAL ground and 1st floor doors (seeing as windows and doors are often in alignment on multiple floor levers)?

Would this help us determine the door position in room #13 given that it's immediately below that yellow arrowed opening?
Could this be a way to discover the partition door location?
The yellow window is directly over the passage, if there's an extension then it is the back wall of the house and all I'd think is that there was a doorway in to number 13 from the main house that was blocked off. A partition wall seems to be just a wall that divided rooms prior to plaster boarding, and they were made of wood.
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