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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
Thanks E

ahh Cutbush. why isn't he more considered? he was a suspect at the time? right? I know the MM was written in refuting him as a suspect, but suspect nonetheless at the time correct?

has anything ruled him out?
I need to read the article.

But more or less I am the same as you-I think they are all weak suspects, some just less weak than others.

Cutbush said in1891 that people were saying he was Jack , but he wasn't he added.

The Sun obviously decided he was at a later date when MM wrote the memoranda.

It seems that he was not a close relation of the police man of the same name so why did MM think he was?
Was it just a mistake? Why did MM not check with the family?
Is it possible that the supposed connection was a blind? Just an excuse to write Cutbush off?

Also the circumstances of the committal and the crimes he was accused of ask a few question.

He has been my outsider for years now.


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