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Of course, my earlier comment "large number of offences in the 80s and 90s" was wrong, as Sutcliffe was arrested in 1981! What I should have wrote is that Sutcliffe was interviewed by Halliwell during those decades with the intention of clearing up other unsolved crimes that bore his MO- as noted, the Chief Constable believed that he could have been responsible for at least 18 other offences, ten of which had been identified by the Byford review team as almost certainly committed by Sutcliffe. However, with the exception of two assaults, including the one on the 14 year old schoolgirl, he was largely uncooperative; or, as Bilton puts it: "...they were reduced to playing a cat-and- mouse game as Sutcliffe revelled in the attention he received from a high- ranking police officer, Keith Halliwell." (Bilton, 2003)

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