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Originally Posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
Well, I'm not an expert so I've really no idea what effects cca would have on a body. I would expect some green to be perceptible though, where the copper has oxidised if exposed to air.
If I'm right about the brown discolouration on the bodies (it's a long time since I read about the Kingsbury Run murders) then the obvious wood preservative is some sort of creosote. In fact, a quick google shows that the very name comes from the Greek for "meat preserver"...
Hey I think it was a red tinge but could be brown. The theory about CCA was because it was new in 1930s. They found a bucket of a chemical substance next to one of the bodies, but they could not identify what it was. Creosote was pretty popular by that time. I guess if CCA would leave a green color on the skin that would rule that out. I wonder what the chemical was, seems like a huge clue and someone should have been able to id the chemical
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