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Joshua Rogan 03-15-2017 11:33 AM

IWEC members
I've just knocked up a quick list of people reported as members or employees of the International Workingmen's Educational Club which I thought might be of use. Please feel free to point out any errors, or add names, details, sources etc

Members of the International Workingmen's Educational Club in Berner Street;

William West (Wess)
Printer by trade
40 Berner St (in one of the houses on right? of gate)
Inquest witness

Morris Eagle (Siegel)
Traveller in jewellery
4 New Road, Commercial Road
Inquest witness

Louis Diemschutz (Lewis Diemschitz)
Club Steward & traveller in jewellery
40 Berner Street
Inquest witness

Mrs ? Diemschutz
Helped her husband manage the club

Philip Krantz
Editor (Worker's Friend)
40 Berner St
Inquest witness

Isaac Kozebrodsky (Kozebrodski, "Isaacs")
Occupation: helped Diemschutz at the club (source?)
Address unknown

Joseph Lave
A Russian, recently arrived from America and staying at the club.

Julius Minsky
Club member
Daily News 2nd Oct
Corroborated general details

Club servant
Daily News 2nd Oct
Strongly corroborated Mrs Diemschutz' evidence.

Club member
Mentioned by Eagle in his evidence as having told him of the body.

Paddy 03-15-2017 03:11 PM

Julius Minsky details 1891 census
Julius Minsky born 1869 Sewalk Russia. Tailors Presser, living at 175 Brady Buildings MEOT. with relatives Haris (cigar maker) and Nellie Schwalb and family.
Pat ....

Joshua Rogan 03-15-2017 04:08 PM

Thanks Paddy! Only 19 eh? Some of these working men seem like they should be still at school. But then, I guess it was an Educational club too.

Paddy 03-15-2017 04:18 PM

Living in Stable Yard no 40 Berner Street 1891 census
In The Yard
Abraham Silberman Fancy Purse Maker and wife with 2 children Warsaw
(came to england within last4 years according to childrens birthplace)
Abraham Margolava 21 Lodger Purse Maker b Warsaw
Soloman Goldchider 21 Lodger Purse Maker b Warsaw
Milly Korwitz 23 General Servant Kalish (Could me Mila?)
In the Yard
Isaac Hartstein
Katie Hartstein with 2 children
Rebecca Marks 40 Galicia Cousin.
At No 40....
Abraham Wolaginsky 30 Traveller b Russia Malat
Milly Wolaginsky wife and 2 children
Katti Josephson 20 Servant Malat
Israel Eagel 22 Traveller Vilna Russia

No 40 Katie Burnstein widow 38 Fur Skiver Warsaw Poland

No 40 Israel Goldstein and wife Esther and 5 children.
Malky Poylmenster? Mother in law Widow Warsaw
Jacob Poylmenster? Brother in law plumber and gas fitter
Jacob Soloman Single Boarder Billiard Marker 25 Warsaw
Alex Schwartz Married Boarder Poland Blind in one eye

Paddy 03-15-2017 05:39 PM

Isaac Kozebrodski
I Think this chap could be Isaac Kozebrodski ?

Isaac Moses Broder born c 1855 Bryezan, Galicia ....Jewellry traveller
living at 17 East Mount street Whitechapel in 1891 with wife Fanny (Levy) and children They married in England.1878, London City

Mostly called himself Moses or Morris Broder In census and naturalisation records. In 1881 he was in Glasgow census...

I read he was known as Isaac M Kozebrodsky on these boards


Joshua Rogan 03-15-2017 07:30 PM

He seems a little old for our Isaac...I can't find it now, but I seem to remember reading that he was still in his teens, or early twenties at most. Could be wrong about that, but he's usually described as a polish Russian...or Russian Pole...the Evening News says he was born in Warsaw.

Scott Nelson 03-15-2017 08:39 PM

Samuel Friedman.

Joshua Rogan 03-16-2017 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by Scott Nelson (Post 410607)
Samuel Friedman.

Ooh, that's a name I don't recall seeing before....any idea where it comes from?

Paddy 03-16-2017 10:00 AM

Isaac Kozebroske Times March 9th 1889
Yes you are correct he was too old.

I have found this from an article in the times above date...

Isaac Kozebrodske aged 19, a machinest of 40 Old Ford Road Bethnal Green

Samuel Friedman Cap blocker of 85 Weaver Street Spitalfields.


Joshua Rogan 03-16-2017 10:36 AM

Ah, of course! Thanks for that, I'd forgotten about the dust up at the club. That's where I must have read about his age. And that's where Friedman is mentioned too, thanks Scott, as one of the ringleaders of the assault. Despite reportedly shouting "I will do for some one to night, and done care if I get 12 months for it" he apparently did care as he didn't turn up to the hearing! I wonder if he was ever located?

Times Fri 26th April 1889
Lewis Diemschitz [Louis Diemschutz], 27, and Isaac Kozebrodski, 19, surrendered to their bail to answer an indictment for making a riot and rout, and for assaulting various persons. A third man, Samuel Friedman, who was indicted with the defendants did not surrender to his bail when called. Mr. Gill and Mr. Partridge prosecuted on behalf of the Commissioner of Police; and Mr. W. M. Thompson represented the defendants. The alleged disturbance occurred on March 16, on which day there had been a procession of the Jewish unemployed in the East-end. After the dispersal of the procession, many of those composing it returned to the International Workmen's Club, Berner-street, Commercial-road, E., of which they were members, and from which the procession had started. A crowd of some 200 or 300 persons, who had been following the procession, assembled outside the club, and began to annoy those inside by throwing stones, hooting, and knocking at the door. The defendant Diemschitz, steward of the club, sent for the police, but when they arrived those inside the club assumed the defensive, and, rushing out in a body, attacked the crowd with broom sticks, walking sticks, and umbrellas. It was stated that the defendants bore a prominent part in the fight, and that Diemschitz struck and kicked plain clothes constable Frost, who interfered. Frost attempted to arrest Diemschitz, but was dragged into the club, where he was beaten and kicked. On the conclusion of the case for the prosecution, Mr. Gill abandoned the count for riot. A number of witnesses were called for the defence, who gave evidence to the effect that the police had made an entirely unprovoked attack on the defendants and their companions. The jury found the defendants Guilty of assaulting two constables, but Acquitted them on the other counts. The Chairman said they had greatly aggravated their offence by the defence they had set up. Diemschitz was sentenced to three months' imprisonment with hard labour, and on his liberation to be bound over and to find sureties to keep the peace for 12 months. Kosebrodski was sentenced to pay a fine of 4, or to be imprisoned for one month.

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