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  • Calling All Authors…..

    A while ago I mentioned my surprise that considering how many books have been written on serial killers, and that pretty much every well known serial killer has at least one modern day book written about him, why is there no book on Peter Kurten (apart from one that’s only 40 pages long)?

    So the topic of this thread isn’t simply about serial killers it’s about anyone who needs a book writing about them. Highlighting gaps in the market. Kurten is one example. It’s often the case that when reading a book I think ‘he/she sounds interesting,’ and I then look to see if there’s a biography on print. So suggestions for biographies.

    Ill begin……George Sims. I think he’d be an interesting subject for a biography and I’m surprised that no one has done one.

    Sir Herlock Sholmes.

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